Information for people with Mobility Cards

  • Please display your Mobility Card clearly on the dashboard of your vehicle, as close to the windscreen as possible. The card must be visible from the footpath.
  • If your Mobility Card is not visible, or it is expired, you may receive an infringement.
  • Please the expiry date of your card from time-to-time.
  • When travelling away from Whanganui, check with the Council of the area you are visiting about their bylaws regarding Mobility Cards.

Do I have to pay for parking?

If you choose to park in a metered space you are required to feed the meter, however you will have an additional 30 minutes of free time.

For example:

​Pay $1​30 minutes + 30 minutes free​ 1 hour
​Pay 50c ​15 minutes + 30 minutes free ​45 minutes

This applies to all metered parking spaces, including designated mobility spaces.

If you choose to park in a time limit zone, (no payment required, but restricted time) you are also entitled to an extra 30 minutes free. For example:

​P120​2 hours + 30 minutes free ​2 hours, 30 minutes
​P901​ hour 30 + 30 minutes free ​2 hours
​P601 hour + 30 minutes free​1 hour 30 minutes
​P30​30 minutes + 30 minutes free​1 hour
P1515 minutes + 30 minutes free​45 minutes

If you have any further enquiries please call Whanganui District Council 3490001.

Mobility Parking brochure - from CCS Disability Action

Page reviewed: 26 Apr 2018 9:01am