​​​​​​What is a Civil Defence Declaration?

Under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002, an emergency may be declared for an area (such as Whanganui District) where:
… an emergency means a situation that -

  1. is the result of any happening, whether natural or otherwise, including, without limitation, any explosion, earthquake, eruption, tsunami, land movement, flood, storm, tornado, cyclone, serious fire, leakage or spillage of any dangerous gas or substance, technological failure, infestation, plague, epidemic, failure of or disruption to an emergency service or a lifeline utility, or actual or imminent attack or warlike act; and
  2. causes or may cause loss of life or injury or illness or distress or in any way endangers the safety of the public or property in New Zealand or any part of New Zealand; and
  3. cannot be dealt with by emergency services, or otherwise requires a significant and co-ordinated response under this Act.

An emergency declaration can only be made by the Mayor (of the area where the emergency has happened), or the appointed Controller of that area.

History of Civil Defence declarations for Whanganui Dis​​​tr​​​​ict

​D​​​​eclaration Date​Termination Date​Emergency​Notes
​10.03.1990​14.03.1990​Flooding of Whanganui River​Cyclone Hilda. 96 homes evacuated. In the event, farm damage was estimated at $12 million. Declared at 2015; terminated at 1230. Insurance costs in this event, excl. EQC were $1.8m (1994).
​08.11.1994​09.11.1994​Flooding of Whanganui River​Declared at 1800, lifted at 1200. 157 evacuated from 82 households.
​29.10.1998​30.10.1998​Flooding of Whanganui River​Declared at 0630; lifted 1400 next day. Declaration to facilitate evacuation of 62 residential properties & 45 commercial premises threatened by possible overtopping of the stopbanks of the Whanganui River. 75 evacuees; 24 in motel accommodation. Stopbanks not breached although some localised flooding occurred.
​17.02.2004​25.02.2004​Storm Event​Intense rainfall and gale force winds over 9 days. A Local Declaration was made over the Region. The area covered by the declaration was Sth Taranaki, Whanganui, Ruapehu, Rangitikei, Manawatu, Tararua and Horowhenua. Other parts of NZ also affected by the same storm were Sth Wairarapa, Wellington and Marlborough.​
​15.09.2013​16.09.2013​Flooding EventWhanganui River Flooding. 140 homes adjacent to Kowhai Park and in Putiki evacuated. Over thirty businesses along Taupo Quay evacuated. State of Emergency Declared​.

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