Online building consent FAQs

​What if I don't have a computer at home, or don't know how to use one?

To help people get used to the new online process, the Council team will supply a dedicated person to help with applications and make a computer available at the Council's Guyton Street building for this purpose. If you don't already have an email address, you will need to set one up to apply for a building consent.

To book an appointment with one of our Environmental Standards Technical Officers, please call (06) 349 0001.

Do I still have to pay for a deposit?
The requirement for a deposit at the application stage will be removed, with full and final payment required when the building consent application has been granted.

How will building consents be pre-vetted?
All online building consent applications will continue to undergo a rigorous pre-vetting process, but this will now be undertaken electronically. The electronic process will allow the vetting officer to add comments to the checklist and return an application where any missing items can then be included for resubmission.

Do the timelines for building consents change?
No. The Council must still meet the statutory 20-day timeframe to process applications.

Does the content of the assessment change?
No, the consent process will just be online now, rather than on paper.

How do I receive my plans?
Once your application has been approved, you will be sent an email with your outstanding balance. Once this is paid, either through the Council's online services web portal, or by visiting our Customer Services Desk, you will get an email from RealMe® with a link to the plans. At this link you can download, save and print your plans.

Will the fee be the same?

What happens if my building consent is declined?
You will receive an email and be asked to amend your application and submit it again.

What is RealMe®?
RealMe® is a digital ID service created by the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Post which allows people to prove who they are online when using New Zealand websites and services.

You can find out more about RealMe® in this video.

Is RealMe® safe and secure?
RealMe® does not store information, but acts as a conduit to help people share their information with participating organisations who need it. Users of RealMe® can always see and approve the information they share.

What if I want to share an application with another Real Me user?

You can - all you have to do is once you have a draft consent you need to click on the group symbol.

You can then select what permissions you wish to give the other person. All of the permissions are explained when you hover over the '?' symbol.  Put their email in the user email field then send. They will then get an email alert which they will need to follow. (Please note: The email must be linked to an existing Real Me account).

With a consent that is already submitted, go into the user section and add their email address. Please be aware that although they can see the consent they will not get email alerts when the consent is updated unless they were added as either the owner or applicant.

What if I am the applicant but the invoice needs to be paid by someone else?

In that case all you would need to do is put the person's name who is responsible for the invoice in the 'Authorisation' section of the application. We will then update the invoice, but please remember that only the applicant and any other users that the consent has been shared with will see this so it is up to the applicant to forward this onto the payer.

What do I do when I received an alert from Real me?

If your consent is declined at the initial stage then you should have received a PDF which will explain what you are missing and what you need to resubmit.

If your consent has been accepted and you then receive an email alert then log in to Real Me and go into 'My account'→'Submitted Applications', click on the relevant file and then click on the 'FILE' tab and you will see what file has been uploaded on that day. Please call us ph: 06 349 0001 if you have trouble finding anything. 

Find out more about privacy and security when using RealMe®

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