Dog exercise areas

We encourage dog owners to use dog exercise areas for the recreation and well-being of their pets. The dog exercise areas are signposted and contain bins for owners to dispose of doggy poos.  Find out below where dogs are allowed on and off leashes, and where they are totally prohibited.

Unleashed dogs

Unleased dogs are permitted (although under continuous control) at the following locations:


  • Riverbank reserve – Railway Bridge to Aramoho School (walkway along riverbank)
  • Riverbank reserve – Aramoho School to Kells Avenue (road reserve)
  • Seddon Street grass reserve verge - Kaikokopu Street to Barrack Street
  • Somme Parade riverbank - road opposite cemetery

Whanganui East

  • Burton Avenue road reserve islands
  • Eastown Road grass reserve - next to railway line
  • Riverbank reserve - from Jet Tours building to the Railway Bridge
  • Riverbank reserve - from the fitness trail to Ikitara Road extension
  • Wembley Park – grounds 5 to 8, except when being used for sporting events

Central City Area

  • Davis Library - grass reserve next to the library
  • Somme Parade riverbank reserve  - from the Dublin Street Bridge to the PS Waimarie jetty
  • Wilson Street to Bedford Avenue river walkway - River walkway adjacent to the corner of the Taupo Quay and Wilson Street intersection  to the northern of the Bedford Avenue river walkway 


  • Castlecliff Beach area  - except in front of the Rangiora Street car park from 1 November to 1 April inclusive 
  • Bamber Street road reserve
  • Seafront Road grass reserve
  • Karoro Road/riverbank reserve - from AFFCO to Rivercity Meats, including Gilberd Street


  • Gonville Domain - off Moore Avenue
  • Tawa Street reserve
  • Handley Street reserve – Carlton Avenue

Springvale/St John's Hill

  • Springvale Park - area between the Splash Centre and the former St George's School building except when the sports areas are used for sporting events
  • Parsons Street road reserve - next to Bridge Club
  • Babbage Place reserve
  • Otamatea reserve - Great North Road
  • Victoria Park – except when sports are being played

Other areas

  • Mowhanau Beach North - of the bridge and stream at South Beach
  • South Beach

Leashed dogs

Dogs are permitted on a leash at the following locations:

  • Aramoho Motor Camp Park
  • Hutton Park
  • Lorenzdale Park
  • Lundon Park
  • Peat Park
  • Queens Park
  • Riverbank road reserve - from PS Waimarie jetty to the river walkway area adjacent to the intersection at the corner of Wilson Street and Taupo Quay

All other public places not identified as above.

Prohibited areas

Dogs are prohibited at the following locations:

  • Central City Business District - (the central business district including Victoria Avenue, St Hill Street, Taupo Quay, Drews Avenue, Watt Street, Wicksteed Street and Ingestre Street)
  • Rotokawau Virginia Lake
  • Beach area - in front of Castlecliff Beach car park off Rangiora Street
  • Lake Wiritoa - beach and boat ramp area
  • Westmere Lake
  • Bason Botanic Gardens
  • Playing surfaces of sports grounds
  • Children's play areas within parks
  • Mowhanau Beach Domain - children's play area and beach area in front of domain
  • Williams Domain
  • Tawhero Golf Course
  • Spurdle Street Reserve
  • Matipo Park
  • Laird Park
  • Deer Park Reserve
  • Cooks Gardens
  • Kowhai Park - children's play area
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