Whanganui: Leading edge

​Our vision

On 28 October 2014 the Council adopted its new vision (replacing the previous “family-friendly” strategy). The vision was developed following a series of workshops with a wide range of people and organisations.

You can read the Leading Edge Strategy here.

Leading e​dge

We are confident leaders and influential trailblazers - operating comfortably on the cutting edge. We are 'a bit different', don't follow the pack and are energised and dynamic. This sets the scene for the strategy and the types of innovative approaches that we will front-foot. It's about Whanganui being seen as progressive and exciting - a magnetic place of abundance and diverse appeal.

Action examples might include innovative and creative approaches to issues faced by other provincial districts.

Key words you gave us: go-getters, innovative, pioneers, magnetic, 'out there', thriving, prosperous, 'fired up', enabling, solutions-focused  

Deeply united

We are a place resounding with community spirit, there is an intangible essence that underpins what it means to be from or in Whanganui, we support each other, work in partnership and are pulling in the same direction. We know where we are heading but celebrate and champion diversity. Our roots run deep.

Action examples might include partnership approaches, enhanced Iwi relationships, multicultural support and Safer Whanganui initiatives

Key words you gave us: belonging, purpose, sovereignty, governance, unity, connectedness, nurturing, inclusive, safe  

Globally connected

We are outward-looking, blast through parochialism and constantly look to expand and enhance our world view - positioning ourselves to best advantage regionally, nationally and internationally. We are connected in the widest sense - through our network infrastructure, digital capacity, expansive ideas and external relationships. We are accessible, linked in and known for it (no longer a 'hidden gem').

Action examples might include transport system improvements, digital initiatives and regional marketing

Key words you gave us: 'global slice of the pie', connectivity, ‘not insular’, UFB, aspirational  

Powered by creative smarts 

We are innovative, entrepreneurial, go-getters - we actively attract industry, support start-ups and are a lightning rod for ideas and creativity. There is a savviness and edge to our approach and this propels us forward. Our arts community sets us apart - giving us soul and heart. We are sharp economic operators and hum with cultural personality.

Action examples might include niche business approaches and creative city international benchmarking.

Key words you gave us: arts and cultural hub, savvy, niche, bright, economic growth, prosperity, boutique, quirky, opportunities, talented, switched on  

Flowing with richness

We draw strength from the river and this sustains and shapes us. This theme is about the look and feel of the place – a district with beautiful, integrated design, bountiful and valued natural resources and a sense of life and vitality. It feels positive here and there is a lot going on. Our wealth is abundant and we take a broad view of what this means. We play on our strengths and make our own opportunities – trumpeting our unique identity through placemaking that flows from the mountain to the river to the coast. We are eco-rich, showcase and safeguard our heritage and always keep an eye on the future.

Action examples might include green solutions, urban design approaches, environmental initiatives and identity-building.

Key words you gave us: sustainable, green, buzzing, heritage, care, river, environment, coastal, abundant, vibrant, guardianship, flourishing  

Works for everyone

We have boundless opportunities and are truly a place of choice for all. There is a diversity to what we offer and people are able to make a conscious decision to come here or stay here. We are thriving and driving ourselves forward – loaded with jobs, development and lifestyle appeal meaning that anyone can and will want to call us home. We are welcoming, empowering and enabling – supporting everyone to flourish. There is no doubt that we are open for business.

Action examples might include job creation, business-friendly practices and facility development.

Key words you gave us: economic development, opportunities, business-friendly, jobs, inclusive, lifestyle

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