War Memorial Centre - upgrade

The War Memorial Centre, in Queen’s Park, will be earthquake strengthened to 67% of the New Building Standard, beginning June 2018.

The Centre, known for its post-war modernist architecture, has been used for conferences and events since it opened in 1960.

It is the last of the major Council-owned buildings to be earthquake strengthened, except for the Sarjeant Gallery, which will undergo strengthening and redevelopment in 2019.

The seismic upgrade involves bolting existing double blockwork within the wall cavities, tying internal walls together and installing new steel columns which are tied to the walls.

In 1961, the building received a gold medal from the New Zealand Institute of Architects and it received a 25 year award from the Institute in 1998.

The work will take between six and eight months to complete and we expect it will be open in by December 2018/ January 2019, to host the New Zealand Masters Games in February 2019.



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