Ferry feasibility and feedback reports

The Council has organised a series of reports to give the community and potential businesses and investors more information about the requirements and constraints for a potential large ship operation, such as a ferry service, at the Whanganui Port. Currently, the Whanganui Port has the capacity for vessels 51 metres length overall.

The reports include a peer review commissioned by the Whanganui District Council of the Whanganui to Motueka Ferry Service Feasibility Study by Walbran Transport Analysis and Sofos, on behalf of Midwest Ferries. This provides an analysis of logistical, transportation and economic issues associated with a potential ferry service.

Two other two reports, the Whanganui Port Vessel Navigation Report by Captain Jim Dilley and the Memorandum on the Implications of proposed Whanganui Port and River Dredging by Tonkin and Taylor, provide information on technical, physical and regulatory aspects associated with a large vessel operating from the Port.

You can view all three reports below, as well as a short summary about each one.

Whanganui to Motueka Ferry Service Peer Review

Authors: Murray King, Francis Small and Ian Wallis
PDF: 308KB

The report concludes that there may be a sufficient market available for the ferry route proposed by Midwest Ferries, but there are a number of gaps in the Whanganui to Motueka Ferry Service Feasibility Study which need to be filled before the next stage to give certainty to the project.

The report covers a number of uncertain or incomplete areas such as ship type, reliability of vessel, potential investors, uncertainty of the impact on State Highway 4, consultation with the community on traffic routes and the assumptions about the future of the existing ferry services such as the Interislander and Bluebridge.

Other issues covered are the complex nature and application of the Resource Management Act and other consents, such as dredging, which may be required for both Whanganui and Motueka as well as the implications of the legal personal status of the Whanganui River under the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River Claims Settlement) Act 2017.

Whanganui Port Vessel Navigation Report

Author: Captain Jim Dilley
PDF: 808KB

This report gives an overview of what types of services the Whanganui Port can handle currently and the regulatory and navigational consequences of bigger ships.

The report concludes that current marine regulations require the Whanganui District Council, the Harbourmaster and other experts to base decisions made about the size and make of vessels at the Whanganui Port on national and international guidelines.

This report references the Whanganui Port Navigation and Operation Review Final October 2016 redacted (PDF: 2.62MB)

Memorandum on the Implications of proposed Whanganui Port and River dredging

Authors: Tonkin and Taylor
PDF: 841KB

The Tonkin and Taylor report concentrates how larger vessels would physically impact on the Whanganui Port.

The report summarises what the requirements are for operating large vessels in terms capital works and infrastructure upgrades on the North Mole, port wharves and turning basin.

It also comments on the dredging requirement for larger vessels.   

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