Draft Castlecliff Coastal Reserve Management Plan

A Draft Reserve Management Plan has been prepared for the Castlecliff Coastal Reserve, taking into account initial community and stakeholder input. 

The plan will guide the management of the reserve for the next 10 years. It provides an outline of the Council's intentions for its use, development, maintenance, protection and preservation.

The draft management plan also promotes working collaboratively with the Castlecliff community and mana whenua to ensure a multi-dimensional approach is used in future management.

Here's what we aim to achieve with this plan:

  • Ensure that sites of historic or cultural significance within the reserve are recorded and protected.

  • Promote a range of recreational opportunities within the reserve, whilst protecting cultural, landscape, and ecological values.

  • Ensure that reserve facilities are maintained and upgraded where necessary, to enable the community to continue to use and enjoy such facilities.

  • To stabilise and reinstate the dynamic dune system, whilst providing for compatible recreational activities within the reserve.

  • To allow for the occupation of the reserves for approved uses and facilities by the granting of a lease, licence or permit.

The Castlecliff Coastal Reserve encompasses the gazetted Castlecliff Domain Recreation Reserve, the North Mole, the land directly to the north-west of the gazetted reserve and the land seaward up to the mean high water tide mark.

There is a legal requirement to prepare a reserve management plan for the Castlecliff Domain Recreation Reserve under Section 41 of the Reserves Act 1977.

To read the draft plan and a summary sheet of the plan’s key objectives and policies, here are the following links.

Draft Castlecliff Coastal Reserve Management Plan
Summary Sheet

To make a submission, you can fill out and submit an online form, or fill out a printed form which can be returned to the Council office at 101 Guyton Street, Whanganui 4500.

Submission form - online
Submission form - print

Copies of the plan and submission form are also available from the Council office and copies can be viewed at Whanganui libraries.

If you have any questions, please contact Policy Planner, Victoria Edmonds. Phone 349 3168 or email victoria.edmonds@whanganui.govt.nz

Submissions close at 5.00pm on Friday, 17 August 2018.


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