Funding Opportunities


​​​​​Whanganui District Council provides, or is involved in administering, a number of funds to assist the Whanganui community in a range of activities.​

Public Art Fund

Whanganui District Council administers a Public Art Fund to assist in the delivery of region-wide public art works and events. This fund enables the Council to support innovative, diverse and exciting public art that celebrates the distinctiveness of Whanganui’s environment, history and cultural identity.

Applications closed at 5.00pm on Thursday 3 May 2018 for projects that take place between 1 June 2018 and 31 May 2019. More information here.

Security Camera Fund - Wanganui Rural Community Board

The Wanganui Rural Community Board has made funding available in the 2017/2018 year to support local people and organisations to set up security cameras to help prevent crime in the rural area.

Imagery captured from the camera are sent via the internet to a property with a recorder where several weeks of photos can be recorded at once. The information can then be shared with the Police in order to help reduce rural crime.

Before applying, please make sure you read the guidelines.

Application and guidelines for Security Camera fund

Creative Communities Scheme

Creative Communities NZ logo

The Creative Communities Scheme is a partnership between the Whanganui District Council and Creative New Zealand to promote local arts projects.

Creative Communities Scheme website

Applications for round two of the Whanganui Creative Communities Scheme for 2017/18 closed at 12.00 noon on Thursday 19 April 2018. The round is for projects that will take place between 19 May 2018 and 19 May 2019. 

The Creative Communities Scheme Broc​​​hure 

These are available in several languages so you can easily find out more about what the scheme funds.

The Creative Communities Scheme Application Form​

All applications must be made on the official form available as a Microsoft Word Document (.doc / .docx) and as a PDF. Application forms are also available from the Council front desk.​

  1. Print off and use the PDF version for handwritten applications
  2. Instructions on how to complete the application form as a word document are contained within the document​​

The Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide

Please use the Application Guide when completing your application. It will help you to apply for CCS funding and to complete the application form.​

In the New Year closer to the application close off date there will be drop in sessions on applying for funding and completing the application form. Dates will be published on this site and in Community Link​.​

Recent funding recipients​

The following organisations and individuals received funding in Round 1 for 2017/18:

​Te Aio Productions

​$2500 for Two Tongues, the second edition of a compilation music album of Whanganui artists and features

​Angela Crawford

$3000 towards Whanganui Celebrates International Jazz Day, a one day festival of music workshops and gala performance of jazz and indigenous music on International Jazz Day, 30 April 2018

​Space Studio & Gallery

​$955 for its third annual Christmas Night Market

​Whanganui Creative Space

​$2500 towards Professor McSpoon Went to the Moon, a fully interactive audience and participant puppet show for public viewing

​Joan Rosier-Jones

​$2500 for a Literary Whanganui booklet, with maps and information/quotes from the many authors who have lived in or visited Whanganui from the 19th century to present day

​Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre

​$3000 towards the installation of an outdoor sculpture, made from recycled materials on the grounds of the Resource Recovery Centre

Bason Botanic Gardens Trust​

​$2500 towards Shakespeare's The Tempest, to be performed in February 2018 at Bason Botanic Gardens

​Te Kura o Kokohuia

​$3510 to host Pae Tamariki, a primary school kapa haka festival

​Daniel Mills

​$1500 for Applied Arts, Painting, Whanganui, a series of murals on temporary structures

For more information please contact​​​​

Community Contracts​

Community Contracts support the achievement of our health, safety and wellbeing goals, through a process that sees community groups and organisations partnering with the Council to provide effective public services. ​

How ​to a​​pply

The funding round for 2018/19 is open between 1-31 July 2018. Please be aware there are some changes to the application process, including the 'project of significance funding pool'. For more information on the application process, click the following link:

Community Contracts Application Process (PDF, 93.0KB)

For more information and to discuss your application, please contact Lauren Tamehana, phone 06 349 3104 or email

Event funding (formerly the Impact Fund)

Events, tournaments and conferences in Whanganui have previously been able to apply to Whanganui District Council for funding through what was called the Impact Fund. In 2013 the way these funds were allocated was changed.

Events are no longer able to apply to a contestable fund throughout the year but may request seed funding for an event or a one-off grant from the Economic Development and Visit Whanganui budgets.

The purpose of these funds is to:

  1. To provide seed funding for events in the early stages of the event's development
  2. To increase the number of visitors to Whanganui which gives an economic return to the district
  3. To generate on a national and international level positive publicity for Whanganui

This flow chart will help you take the steps to see if your event is eligible.

You can find out more about this funding and the requirements for applying by reading this information sheet, or by talking to the team at Visit Whanganui:

Louise Follett - Conferences Lead & Promotions , Whanganui and Partners on 06 349 3254 or louise.follett@wh​

A full information pack can be requested from Visit Whanganui by contacting Louise Follet at the details above.  

​Waste Minimisation Fund

The Waste Minimisation Act 2010 assists communities and businesses to derive income to help address waste issues. The Act has mandated that a levy be put on waste disposed at all landfills nationally. 50% of the levy is allocated to councils on a pro rata capita basis.

Whanganui District Council has created a Waste Minimisation Fund, using allocated waste levy money, to allocate for waste minimisation purposes within our district.

The fund provides financial assistance, by way of grant, seeding finance or loan, to applicants for waste minimisation initiatives that further Whanganui's waste minimisation goal. The fund has been set up to boost Whanganui's performance in waste minimisation by increasing resource reuse, recovery, recycling and decrease waste to landfill.​

F​or further information please contact Keith Smith, phone (06) 349 0001, or email keith.smith@wh​

Heritage Building Assessment Assistance Fund

The Council wants to encourage building owners to upgrade buildings in the Whanganui central business district. This fund is to assist with the cost of having buildings professionally assessed for statutory compliance with the Building Act and to provide information on the approximate costs of appropriate upgrading. The fund is not for detailed design or physical works.

Fund information 
Application form

For further information please contact Iain Brown, phone (06) 349 0001, or email Iain Brown.

Other funding sources​

​​You can access online funding information for free via the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa available at Whanganui District libraries.


FundView is New Zealand's primary source of information about funding for voluntary organisations and contains more than 1000 different funding schemes.

It includes funding from the government, local authorities, statutory and philanthropic trusts, gaming trusts and some service organisations.

FundView is a searchable database that will give you the best matches of funding you are eligible for in terms of criteria along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.


BreakOut is New Zealand's primary source of funding information for students, researchers, sportspeople, artists and those wanting professional development.

BreakOut holds details of more than 2200 funding schemes.

BreakOut is a searchable database - the database will give you the best matches of scholarships, awards and grants you are eligible for in terms of criteria, level of study and discipline along with closing dates, application requirements and contact details.​​​​

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