Community profiling tools

How well do you know the Whanganui district? What is our population? Is our population aging or are we getting younger? Are we more or less multi-cultural than the NZ average? How might our community change in the future? What is driving change and how we should allocate resources to communities? and have been developed by specialist demographics company .id (Informed Decisions) to deliver comprehensive information about the Whanganui district based on 1996, 2001 and 2006 NZ Census data. Anyone can access these tools to find out more about our community. reveals how our district looks, lives and works now, as well as historical data to show how things have changed over time. takes a longer-term view by looking at how our population will change between now and 2043. This tool will help Council staff and community organisations understand the likely outcomes of current population trends and Council policies on the future of our district.

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