​​Whanganui’s Port facilities are located at the mouth of the Whanganui River and are managed by Wanganui Port (2010).

The Port enables goods to be transported by sea and provides docking facilities for smaller coastal freight vessels and commercial boats. The facility includes 580 lineal metres of wharf space and three warehouse buildings totalling 4386 square metres for storage use.

There is also a city wharf for mooring pleasure craft. This is sited further up the Whanganui River, by the City Bridge on the edge of the Central Business District. 

The Port also contains a trailer boat ramp and trailer park where, on a good day, more than 150 recreational boats are out with their occupants catching one of the best selections of "table" fish in New Zealand.

In order to provide this service the Council manages a harbour endowment portfolio of 97 commercial properties available for lease, the rental income from which is directed to the maintenance and development of the Port.

Over the next two years there are plans to upgrade the facilities at commercial wharf No 1 and also at the trailer boat ramp.

In August 2016, the Government announced that they would provide $500,000 funding support to help Whanganui District Council develop a detailed blueprint to revitalise the Whanganui Marine Precinct. 

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