Bason Botanic Gardens

In 1966 the late Mr Stanley Bason offered his farm property to the Wanganui City Council for the creation of a botanical reserve. Work began on roading and damming the Mowhanau stream in 1971 and from there Whanganui’s Bason Botanic Gardens has flourished.

As the Bason Botanic Gardens developed, the architecture of the glasshouses and other structures has become a unique feature. These buildings house some of the botanical collection and feature orchids and begonias, along with outdoor areas showcasing beautiful delphiniums, succulents, camellias and a diverse range of plant material in a magnificent rural setting.

Bason Botanic Gardens offers people of all ages fun, entertainment and education. Its numerous indoor and outdoor gardens, bush walks and relaxation areas with free BBQs provide year-round enjoyment. To guarantee this, extensive planting of native and introduced plants has been carried out over the years and this is being extended every year.

The gardens are used as a colourful backdrop for many events, including weddings and functions.

The Bason Botanic Gardens Trust, in collaboration with the Council, undertakes much of the development work at the garden. Projects under way include the Millennium Hill lookout and developments which are based on Mediterranean plantings that thrive in the relatively frost-free environment that Whanganui enjoys. Future projects include the Lakeside Walkway development and the connecting Link Road. To find out more about the Trust, visit their web site

In 2004 the garden was recognised as a "Garden of Regional Significance" by the New Zealand Gardens Trust. In 2008 this category was renamed "Garden of Significance".

The gardens are located approximately 11km north of Whanganui, a pleasant 15 minute drive from the city centre.

Since the gardens were established, bequests ranging in value from $500 to $500,000 have been received. The history of public giving is strong at the Bason Botanic Gardens.

Open Hours

April to Labour​ Weekend
​8am – 6:30pm
Labour Weekend – Dec​ember​8am – 8.00pm
December​ – March​8am – 8:30pm
​March – April​8am – 7:30pm​​

Bason Bequests​

Bason Botanic Gardens Trust was formed with the specific purpose of working with Whanganui District Council to develop and maintain the Gardens to their highest potential. A donation to the Trust will contribute to present and future development at the Gardens.

Bequests can be in the form of cash, shares, real estate or any other property and may be made by way of gift during your lifetime or as a bequest in your will.

For further information contact Wendy Bainbridge at Whanganui District Council or Bason Botanic Gardens Trust Chair at or write to PO Box 778, Whanganui, New Zealand.​​​

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