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​Active Transport ​Strategy 2017The Active Transport Strategy ​establishes Whanganui District Council’s strategic direction for active transportation over the next 10 years​.​PDF document​​4MB
​Bridges - Weight and Speed Limits​Information about maximum weight and speed limits on bridges in the Whanganui District.​​PDF document​76KB​
Business Friendly Policy​This policy states  Whanganui District Council's commitment to delivering business friendly services to facilitate economic growth and in particularly a growth in jobs. It also sets the overarching direction and expectations to guide Council staff when engaging with businesses.   ​PDF document​1850KB
​Cemetery Monument Policy​This policy provides standards and certainty in relation to monuments and adornments at Council-owned cemeteries.​​PDF document​39KB
​Code of Conduct - Council​​Code of Conduct for Members of the Whanganui District Council (2017).​​PDF document317KB
Code of Conduct - Community Board​Code of Conduct for Members of the Wanganui Rural Community Board (2017).​​PDF document​217KB
​​Community Organisation Leases Policy &

Applic​​​ation Fo​rm
​Council provides leases (of land and/or buildings) to a wide range of groups undertaking a wide range of activities. This policy addresses the associated issues. There is also an application form for subsidies on leases of Council land and/or buildings.​​PDF document​96KB​
​Council and Committee Terms of Reference 2016-2019​These terms of reference for the Council and its committees also include details on the Council's committee structure.​PDF document​126KB
Culture Management Guidelines for burial of Kōiwi bones​Cultural Management Guidelines for the Burial of Kōiwi / Human Remains at Aramoho Cemetery, Whanganui​​PDF document​​877KB
Customer & Regulatory Services - Strategic Approach​This document sets the direction for our journey to be innovative leaders in the regulation of Liquor Licensing,
Environmental Health, Animal Management, Parking Management, Building Control and Customer Services. It
also provides a brief overview of the services provided by the Regulatory & Customer Services teams.
​PDF document​868KB
​​​Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy 2017 ​The purpose of this policy is to ensure that buildings in the Whanganui District are safe, sanitary and inoffensive.​​PDF document​752KB
​Development Contributions Policy 2018The Development Contributions Policy 2018 provides a framework for securing development contributions for the expected growth within the Springvale Urban and Otamatea West areas.​PDF document 2760KB
​Dog Owners' Handbook​This document provides dog owners with basic information and advice, including policies, responsibilities and how to​ be a good owner.​​PDF document351MB
​Dog Control Policy 2015​The Council's policy on its Dog Control roles and responsibilities, using statutory and non-statutory control measures.​​PDF document​332KB
Drone Guidelines​Guidelines for operating a drone (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) in Whanganui District.​PDF document​690KB
​Drone Consent Form​​Consent form for operating a drone (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) in the Whanganui District​PDF document​300KB
Dub.Dee.See. Youth Connect - Hononga 2012-2022​​​DRAFT DUB.DEE.SEE. Youth Connect-Hononga 2022
Whanganui District Council Youth Committee
Strategic Plan 2012 - 2022
​​PDF document​467KB
Earthquake Prone Buildings Priority ThoroughfaresThis policy identifies the priority public roads, footpath or other thoroughfares under section 133AF(2)(a) of the Building Act 2004.​PDF document1109KB
​Economic Development Strategy 2019The Economic Development Strategy sets the following vision:
GROW WHANGANUI: vibrant, prosperous and rich with opportunities
​PDF document​7.4MB
Film Friendly Policy​This document provides guidance for the attraction of film, television and news media production to the Whanganui District. The policy details the levels of assistance and service that will be provided by the Council and outlines the expectations of the Council with regard to the obligations and requirements that will be placed upon inbound production companies.​​PDF document​51KB​
​Financial Strategy​This strategy describes how we plan to finance our services and activities in a way that is sustainable over the long term. The Financial Strategy is contained in Volume 1 of Council's Long Term Plan 2018-2028PDF document
Gambling Venues Policy ​The Gambling Venues Policy outlines Whanganui District Council's regulation of Class 4 venues and TAB venues, specifically, where these venues are permitted to locate and total gaming machines allowed. ​PDF document​1470KB
Governance Statement​This document outlines Whanganui District Council's community governance role.​​PDF document​92KB​
​Graffiti Management Strategy ​The strategy focuses on graffiti eradication, enforcement and prevention with the goal of a graffiti-free Whanganui.​​PDF document​35KB​​
Guidelines for sand removal from Castlecliff Beach car park​The Council is happy for the public and contractors to remove wind-blown sand from the Castlecliff Beach car park. This document outlines the Council's requirements for people who wish to remove sand.​​PDF document​35KB
Hairdressing Premises - Guidelines for Minimum Standards​This is a summary of the minimum standards you need to meet when you set up a hairdressing salon.​​PDF document​35KB
​Heritage Colours​Advice for owners of District Plan Heritage Inventory listed buildings or those located in the Old Town Conservation Zone.​​PDF document​46KB​
​Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2048​This strategy describes Council’s existing infrastructure, identifies significant issues that might impact on this and outlines the Council’s approach to managing infrastructure assets over the next 30 years. The Infrastructure Strategy is contained in Volume 3 of Council’s Long Term Plan 2018-2028
​Investment P​​​olicyThis document outlines Council's approved policies and procedures in respect of all Council investments, to enable investment risk to be prudently managed.​ ​​​​​​PDF document​150KB
​Leading Edge Strategy 2018​​​The vision for the Whanganui District Council and our community.​​PDF document​796KB
​Liability Management PolicyThis document outlines Council's approved policies and procedures in respect of all borrowing related activity undertaken by Council, to enable treasury risks to be prudently managed.​​​​​PDF document​​183 KB
​Natural Burial Policy and Conditions​A policy which outlines the process for alternative, environmentally-friendly burials.​​PDF document​684KB
Noise Control GuidelinesThese guidelines provide helpful information on noise control, including the Council's responsibilities under the Resource Management Act 1991.​​​
Occupation of footpaths for cafe purposes​This guideline provides information for food premises wanting to set up outside dining on footpaths​PDF document​112KB
Parking Management Plan 2017​The purpose of the Parking Management Plan is to identify how we will provide for and manage the development, distribution and ongoing management of parking facilities within our city centre environment.​​PDF document​3.3MB
Parks & Open Spaces Strategy​A strategy to guide the provision of parks and open space within the Whanganui District.​​PDF document​5.75MB
​Parks & Reserves Provision Analysis​The companion document and background research for the Parks and Open Spaces Strategy.​​PDF document​561KB
​Pensioner Housing​Information about the Council's pensioner housing and downsizing policies.​​PDF document​1.07MB
Petitions Guidelines 2017​These guidelines will assist people in writing a petition and provide guidance when presenting an oral peti​tion. You can also download a petition template​​ (PDF, 473KB) as well as protocols for presentation of verbal petitions (PDF, 546KB)​.​PDF document​440KB
Physical Activity Strategy​A strategy to create a plan that ensures the people in the Whanganui District are able to become the most physically active in New Zealand.​​PDF document​78KB
​Planning for Events​Anyone planning to hold an event within the Whanganui District needs to be aware of the requirements imposed by local authorities and central government. Whanganui District Council is very conscious of the possible Health and Safety implications of various events and has produced these guidelines as an aid for event organisers to help ensure the public is safe at all events.​​PDF document​242KB
​Plaques & Memorials Policy​The purpose of the Plaques and Memorials Policy is to provide certainty with regard to the marking of public sites of significance in the Whanganui District.​​PDF document​37KB​
Policy for Remission and Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land 2018
​​​This document outlines Council's policies for providing rate relief on Maori freehold land.​PDF document​97KB
​Procurement Policy​This document provides information on the Council’s procurement principles, strategies and objectives, processes and policies. ​PDF document​203KB
​Psychoactive Substances: Local Approved Products Policy​This policy defines the locations of premises where psychoactive substances (legal highs) will be permitted to be sold in this district.​PDF documents​436KB
​Public Art Strategy

Outstanding - Nga Whenu Aronui

Nga toanga nui ki uta ki tai
​Council's primary purpose with this strategy is to provide the vision, leadership and infrastructure to facilitate and support the development of public art activities in selected spaces and places, allowing residents, families, workers and visitors to explore, absorb, feel part of, and have fun in our city.​​​PDF document​347KB
​Public Art Strategy Guidelines​These guidelines outline the criteria to be considered with regard to the acquisition and management of public art. The guidelines provide criteria for the following; Acceptance of offered public art; Re-siting and/or removal of art works​​PDF document​388KB
​Rates Postponement Policy​This document outlines the circumstances under which Council will consider postponing rates until a future date or event. ​​​​​​​PDF document73 KB
​Rates Remission PolicyThis document outlines the circumstances under which Council will consider remitting (reducing) rates.​​​​​
PDF document​
93 KB
​Revenue and Financing PolicyThis document outlines Council's policies on funding sources to be used to fund the operational and capital expenditure of Council's activities, and the rationale for their use. The Revenue and Financing Policy is contained in Volume 1 of Council's Long Term Plan 2018-2028
​Revenue and Financing Policy Funding Needs Analyses 2018​This document provides Council’s analysis of Local Government Act 2002 section 101(3) factors in assessing the appropriate funding mechanisms for each activity.
​PDF document​​681KB
Risk Management Policy 2018​This document states our policies and objectives in relation to risk management and explains our risk management process.​PDF document​220KB
Road Naming and Numbering Policy 2018​​​The Road Naming and Numbering Policy 2018 provides a consistent and comprehensive approach to the naming and numbering of roads, while meeting legislative, Land Information New Zealand, New Zealand Post and emergency service requirements.​​​PDF document​905KB
​Rural Directions: Wanganui Rural Community Board Strategic Plan 2017-2027​This strategy sets out a vision for Whanganui’s rural community and the Board's mission, including six focus areas that will drive the Board's projects.​PDF document​2.7MB
​Rural Roads Strategic Plan​The Council's objectives, policies, plans and priorities for the rural roading network.​​PDF document​47KB
Sarjeant Gallery Collections Policy​This policy regulates the acquisition and disposal of items for the collections of the Sarjeant Gallery.​​PDF document​7.01MB​
Signage Policy 2018​The signage policy controls the advertising signs in p​ublic places to allow the promotion of businesses, events and activities in our district while ensuring they are displayed and maintained in a way that maintains public access and avoids hazards or nuisance to the public.​PDF document​2.4MB
SignifIcance and Engagement Policy 2018​This policy ensures Council takes a consistent and transparent approach in determining the significance of an issue, proposal or matter and the appropriate level of engagement.​PDF document3770KB​
Smokefree and Vapefree Outdoor Areas Policy 2017This policy outline’s Whanganui District Council’s approach to meeting the Government’s Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 vision. Its purpose is to improve the health of residents by reducing the prevalence of smoking, and encourages people to refrain from smoking and vaping in outdoor smokefree areas.​PDF document2555KB
Smokefree Outdoor Areas - Map ​A map of streets in the central business district which are smokefree.​JPEG ​40KB
Social Media Strategy​This strategy is an operational document approved by the Council's leadership team. As well as policies for staff to follow, it includes details on the acceptable use by members of the public of Council social media sites.​PDF​323KB
​Solar Protection Policy​The Whanganui District Council recognises that New Zealand has one of the world's highest rates of skin cancer. The objective of this policy is to increase solar protection by ensuring that it is an integral part of Council's planning processes.​​PDF document​2.79MB​
Sport and Recreation Facilities Strategy 2019​​This strategy guides the Council in making decisions about the use, maintenance and funding for sport and recreation facilities it owns.​PDF document​2.4MB
Subdivisions/Land Development​Whanganui District Council supplement to NZS4404 - Land Development and Subdivision Engineering.​HTML​63KB
Street Tree Strategy 2016​The Street Tree Strategy 2016 sets out the Whanganui District Council's aspirations for the future management of the Council's street trees and provides the basis for decision-making on street tree issues.  ​​PDF document​553KB
Town Centre Regeneration Strategy​The Strategy sets out a vision for the town centre and identifies actions and initiatives to deliver this vision, set out in the strategy as an implementation plan (see Section 15).   ​PDF document​31.1MB
​Whanganui Broadband Strategy​​This strategy covers council's vision, drivers, principles, strategies and benefits of accelerating fibre to premises in the Whanganui District.​​PDF document​11KB
​Whanganui Digital Strategy​This strategy provides a base for organisations to work together, ensuring Whanganui becomes a leader in the digital world.​​PDF document​2.43MB
​Whanganui District Council Holdings Ltd Statement of Intent 1 July 2017This statement sets the overall intentions and objectives of the Company for the three financial years beginning on 1 July 2017. ​PDF document​103KB
Whanganui District Council Official Information GuidelinesThis document tells you how to access official information from the Council.​PDF documents​177KB
​Whanganui Urban Transportation Strategy​This strategy, adopted in 2011, sets out the direction for Whanganui's transportation network for the next 30 years.​​PDF document​2.06MB​
Wanganui War Memorial Centre Policy 2015​ and

Application Form (1.5MB)
​This policy has been developed to guide the use, management and development of the War Memorial Centre, formerly known as the War Memorial Hall.

Use the application form to apply to hire the War Memorial Centre.  
​​PDF document​1.37MB
​Waste Management & Minimisation Plan 2015This plan encourages our Council and community to take an innovative approach to eliminating waste and valuing resources through education, finding better ways to recover, reuse and recycle, supporting waste minimisation initiatives, improving waste data collection and working with those in the industry. ​​PDF document​1.69MB

Waste Minimisation Fund Policy 2010/11​​This policy sets out to provide guidance to the Waste Minimisation Working Party and Council around the application for and subsequent allocation of Waste Minimisation Funding. ​​PDF document​609KB
​​Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum Strategy 2014​​​Strategy of the Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum 2014​PDF document​​155KB​
​Whanganui Reputation Management Strategy & Background Information​The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework for managing Whanganui’s reputation. This will enable leaders to make decisions that build and protect reputational capital and drive competitive advantage.
The background information document provides details which helped inform the Reputation Management Strategy.
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