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​Traffic and Speed Bylaw 2017​This bylaw, amended in April 2019, regulates the vehicles on local roads (including speed limits) within the Whanganui District to enhance and promote a safe and efficient road network.
Parking Bylaw 2017​This bylaw regulates the parking of vehicles on roads and public places within the Whanganui District to enhance and promote a safe and efficient road network.
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Alcohol Control Bylaw 2016

​This bylaw's purpose is to enhance public safety and enjoyment of public places by minimising alcohol-related harm and offences in controlling the consumption and possession of alcohol in specified public places.
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​​​Cemeteries​ and Crematoria Bylaw 2016This bylaw provides for the management of the Council’s cemeteries and crematoria by allowing certain activities and conduct to take place within them.​PDF​​2MB
​Dog Control Bylaw 2015​This bylaw specifies standards of control which must be observed by dog owners in the Whanganui District. ​PDF​184KB
Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees Bylaw​This bylaw regulates the control of animals (excluding dogs, which are covered in the Dog Control Bylaw 2015), poultry and bees to protect the public from nuisance, to maintain and promote public health and safety, and to protect the welfare of animals.​PDF​309KB
​​​Public Places, Parks and Reserves Bylaw 2016
​Regulate activities that can be carried out in public places, parks and reserves, including r​oads, to ensure acceptable standards of convenience, safety, visual amenity and civic values are maintained​.​​PDF​​​1.18MB​
Streets Infrastructure Bylaw​ 2015​This bylaw regulates and controls activities affecting streets within our district so that the public's health, safety and convenience are not compromised and public assets are maintained.  ​​PDF​142KB
Trade Wastes Bylaw 2018

This bylaw applies to all trade premises within the Whanganui District where sewage of a 
non‐domestic nature is discharged or likely to be discharged to the Council’s sewerage system. The bylaw also applies to tankered waste discharged to Council’s sewerage system.

​Water Supply Bylaw 2014​This bylaw applies to the Council's supply and sale of water to its customers.​​​PDF ​​104KB​​​​​
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