Annual Plan 2019/20 Consultation Document


13/03/2019 11:00:00 a.m.

13 March 2019

Whanganui District Councillors have adopted a consultation document, which will be used as the basis for discussions with the community on the Council’s Annual Plan 2019/20.

The Consultation Document was adopted on Tuesday, 12 March and will be open for public submissions from Wednesday, 20 March.

The document identifies one key change from the Long-Term Plan 2018-2028 and provides information on other projects and changes to funding since the Long-Term Plan was adopted.

Whanganui District Council proposes to bring the port redevelopment funding budgeted in the Long-Term Plan forward to the 2019/20 year, and increase it further by $6.2M. This gives a total of $12.3M for the 2019/20 year for infrastructure including work on Wharf 1, Wharf 2, Wharf 3 and the boat launch, dredging tools, building repairs and demolition of derelict structures.

“The Council and the community want to see the port developed into a modern facility which meets commercial and recreational needs and reflects the history of the area. The Council must show we are committed in order to attract government and commercial investment,” says Mayor Hamish McDouall.

“The infrastructure work we want to do in the 2019/20 year will support current marine and freight services as well as encourage investment from potential tenants in similar industries and in other sectors such as seafood harvesting and processing to invest.”

An average rate increase of 3.9% is proposed, although individual property increases could vary significantly depending on how rates are assessed for a property.

“Our community has seen increased population growth and with that, economic prosperity, but we also know we must keep rates affordable and are pleased to say we have worked hard to restrict a rates increase by only 3.9%, which we believe is amongst the lowest in New Zealand.”

Some proposed changes to fees and charges are detailed in the Annual Plan’s supporting information. This includes an increase in residential and commercial LIM costs and a flat increase of 50c for swimming pool entry fees.

The consultation document will be open for public submissions from Wednesday, 20 March until 24 April 2019, with public hearings scheduled for 8-9 May 2019.

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