Your feedback from the Household Waste Survey


7/12/2018 4:50:00 p.m.

7 December 2018

Stuart Hylton, Whanganui District Council’s Waste Advisor, says the effort people made to respond to the recent Household Waste Survey was “greatly appreciated”.

“In the end around 5300 surveys were returned, and we really value this input from the community.”

The survey presented the public with three options. Option A was a vote to retain the status quo, with private bin and bag rubbish collection and drop-off services continuing in their current form.

Option B was a vote for households to continue with current arrangements for disposal of general rubbish but have Council provide a rates-funded kerbside recycling collection service.

Option C was a vote for a new rates-funded kerbside rubbish collection service and a new kerbside recycling collection service.

On Wednesday, 5 December the survey results were presented to the Council’s Strategy and Finance Committee. This was the first part of the process towards making a decision on Whanganui’s future system for urban recycling and waste services.

In the survey, 43.7% voted for Option C (a new rates-funded kerbside collection service for both rubbish and recycling), 40.0% voted for Option A (retaining the status quo) and 16.3% voted for Option B (a new rates-funded kerbside recycling service, with no change to disposal of general rubbish).

From here, Mr Hylton says the next step is to workshop results with an industry consultant at a full Council meeting in February in order to further interpret survey results and gain advice and guidance for the Council on industry best practice and opportunities.

The information from the survey and workshop outcomes will be considered by the Council next year.

Councillor Rob Vinsen, chairperson of the Waste Minimisation Working Party, says, “We’re looking forward to receiving expert guidance and getting on with the next step in the process as we work towards making this very important decision for Whanganui.”

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