Magic carpet walk


20/09/2018 12:00:00 a.m.

20 Thursday 2018

If you’re wandering past George’s Fisheries and Embassy 3, you might see a ‘carpeted’ alleyway between the two buildings.

Dan Mills, who painted the 3D pedestrian crossing on Rangiora Street, is helping rejuvenate alleyways in Whanganui’s town centre. This is the first of a series of alleyways which will be creatively spruced up.

Both building owners were happy for the alleyway mural to go ahead in the alley, which is a pedestrian thoroughfare from Victoria Avenue to the carpark near the back of the Rutland Hotel.

Town Centre Regeneration Project Manager Ellen Young says creative artwork in alleyways and thoroughfares is an inexpensive way to enliven the city centre.

“There are so many great spaces in the central city which can be transformed in a subtle and playful way.

“The alleyways will be part of the larger central city arts and history walk, with the goal to provide a unique experience for visitors and more foot traffic through our beautiful city,” says Ms Young.

Mr Mills says the patterns he used for detailing the carpet are based on the mathematical imagery attributed to Benoit Mandelbrot, who created repeating geometric patterns called ‘fractals’.

Mr Mills also painted the drainpipes in the alleyway bright colours with pools of water at the bottom which spill onto the carpet and added images of fish to acknowledge George’s Fisheries next door.


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