New technology at the library


24/07/2018 12:00:00 a.m.

24 July 2018

A newer system with faster internet is available for users at Whanganui District Libraries.

Library members will get 45 minutes of free internet on desktop computers while guest users will get 30 minutes.

Nicholas Keene, Library Frontline Services Manager, hopes the extra 15 minutes of internet time for library members will encourage people to sign up to access other services like borrowing books, magazines and other resources, as well as using the library database to request and suggest books.

“The new system is more cost effective and we can run it ourselves which means we can look for patterns about how people use the internet and respond quickly to any changes or enhancements which users might want. For some of our customers, it’s taken a bit of getting used to, but we have a team of friendly staff who are happy to help people out.

“It has been well-used over the school holidays and library users have been happy with it, especially because it is faster.”

The new system is available at the Davis Central City Library, Alexander Heritage and Research Library and the Gonville Café Library. The computers are running the latest version of Windows, have large monitors with integrated web cams, and include Microsoft Office and a range of browsers and other apps.

Library users need to use their library card and password to book a session, while guests will be given a ticket with a username and password for logging on to the computers.

A computer screen will then show all users a countdown to their allocated time slot and which computer they can use. Library membership is free.

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