Good news as wastewater treatment plant exceeds expectations


8 June 2018

Whanganui District Council’s Chief Executive, Kym Fell, says the final bill has arrived for Whanganui’s wastewater treatment plant and the news is good.

Mr Fell says, “We’re looking at a saving of nearly $2.3M for the main construction, with the cost coming in at $38.9M. After taking into account all other costs associated with the project, we are forecasting total savings of $1.5M.

“This is great news and it’s a result that can be attributed to 18 months of exceptional management from the Council’s infrastructure team, along with technical expertise provided by global firm Cardno and construction company Downer Group.”

Construction of the plant was completed according to plan in March 2018 and the biological commissioning stage is now well underway, with staff actively managing the process around the clock.

The Council’s General Manager, Infrastructure, Mark Hughes, says, “We’re very proud to be working at such a successful state-of-the-art facility. My staff and I are fully committed to getting this right for the people of Whanganui and the plant is operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Mr Fell says, “We’re now halfway through the commissioning process and the plant is already delivering well beyond our expectations.

“The water we are discharging into the sea at the moment has been through the treatment process, including UV disinfection, and it looks clear and clean as it leaves the plant.

“Our testing shows it is as clean as it looks. We’re currently exceeding future consent requirements well ahead of time. We’ve measured suspended solids, for example, and levels are 60% lower than what they will need to be by May next year.”

The Council has resource consent to discharge untreated waste to the sea until May 2019.

Mr Fell says, “I am delighted that we are delivering a fully compliant wastewater treatment scheme ahead of time and well under budget that will meet the needs of our community now and into the future.”

Page reviewed: 08 Jun 2018 12:00am