Longer parking times for Victoria Avenue


24/04/2018 12:00:00 a.m.

24 April 2018

Drivers will now be able to park for up to 90 minutes in metered parks in Victoria Avenue while Mobility Card Holders will get an extra 30 minutes on top of paid parking.

The changes are included in the Parking Management Plan and Parking Management Bylaw 2017, which was adopted by Whanganui District Council in February 2018.

The Council’s Compliance Team Leader Warrick Zander says the updated plan and bylaw includes many changes to make parking around Whanganui easier, with the most significant being the increase in parking time in Victoria Avenue.

“This means people will be able to do more in the central business district, whether they are there to have lunch, shop, run errands, or attend meetings.”

 “We also want to make life easier for people affected by a disability or limited by mobility, so we will be providing an extra 30 minutes of free parking in addition to their paid parking time.”

Mr Zander says the changes to parking in Victoria Avenue and to Mobility Parking will be in place by 1 May 2018.

Parking in Victoria Avenue will cost the same ($1 per half hour), but drivers are now able to stay in the same park for 90-minutes (which will cost $3).  

“Drivers will be informed of the changes by a pamphlet drop and via the Council’s Facebook page and there will also be signs on the parking meters,” says Mr Zander. 

He says a survey undertaken a year ago indicated that people were generally parking in Victoria Avenue for longer than an hour and that parking spaces closest to Victoria Avenue were used for the longest amount of time.

“Most people who submitted to the proposed Parking Management Plan and Bylaw said they wanted to see an increase in parking time which is why we’ve added an extra half an hour on top of the existing 60 minutes.

“We also determined that increasing the time to 90 minutes wouldn’t significantly increase traffic congestion in Victoria Avenue.

“We want the longer stay parking for Victoria Avenue to encourage people to stay in the town centre longer which will contribute to the vibrancy we have in our central city.”

Mr Zander says his team will look at installing new parking meters throughout the metered area of Whanganui in future, which will provide more up-to-date parking technology including a range of payment options. A review of the Gold Card Scheme will also be undertaken.

Key changes to the Parking Management Plan and Parking Management Bylaw 2017 include:

  • Time limits within Victoria Avenue will be extended to 90 minutes (from 60 minutes) at a cost of $1 per half hour (effective 1 May 2018)
  • Mobility Card Holders will be able to park for an extra 30 minutes on top of existing paid or time-limited parking

Longer term changes include:

  • Super Gold Card Holders will be able to park for free, within the time limits of the parking space, between 8.00am and 11.00am, Monday to Friday
  • An annual permit will be introduced for tradespersons, delivery people, sales representatives and commercial realtors to enable parking in metered or timed car-parking spaces with an annual permit
  • Campervan parking will be changed from Moutoa Quay north to the entrance of Taupo Quay
  • Two 60 minute parking spaces will be added to Bates Street, outside the Court House and Plunket

Visit www.whanganui.govt.nz/parking for more information.

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