Draft plan for Pukenamu/Queen's Park


20 March 2018

A Draft Reserve Management Plan has been prepared for Pukenamu/Queen's Park, which will guide the management of the reserve for the next ten years. 

Change of Purpose of Pukenamu/Queen's Park Reserve

The Council is proposing to change the classification of Pukenamu/Queen's Park from 'local purpose (site of municipal buildings)' to 'local purpose (culture and heritage)' so it more closely reflects the use of the reserve. 

The term 'municipal buildings' is considered outdated and there are a number of buildings in the reserve that do not fit that classification.  The change will legitimise the uses in the reserve and is seen as appropriate given the cultural and heritage significance of the site.  The change will still allow further development in the reserve provided it is consistent with the purpose.

Inclusion of Maori Name in Park Title

The Council is seeking feedback on inclusion of the Maori name, Pukenamu, in the park's title, which is seen as a way to acknowledge the cultural history of the site. 'Pukenamu' means sandfly hill and was the name originally given to the reserve by local Māori. 

Have Your Say

You can go to the Have Your Say page on the Whanganui District Council website to read the draft plan and view the development map. A summary sheet of the plan's key objectives and policies is also available and a link to submission forms is provided.

Copies of the Draft Pukenamu/Queen’s Park Reserve Management Plan can also be viewed at Whanganui District Council at 101 Guyton Street and at the Davis Central City, Gonville Café and mobile libraries.

Submissions close at 5.00pm, on Friday, 25 May 2018.                                                                          

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