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16/02/2015 12:00:00 a.m.

16 February 2015

Locals and visitors to our district are now able to access 1 gigabyte of free wi-fi per month thanks to Inspire Net Ltd.

Inspire Net, which is regionally based, has worked with the Whanganui Digital Leaders Forum to provide free data to our district through a variety of wi-fi hotspots since 2013.

Previously, Inspire Net offered 100 megabytes of free data per device, per month over its wi-fi hot spots.

One gigabyte of data is approximately six million text messages using a data service such as iMessage, 500,000 emails, 1000 photos or 1 full length movie. The upgrade in data increases the original amount by ten times.

Mayor Annette Main is delighted with Inspire Net’s announcement.

“Not only is Inspire Net an innovative business, but it is also giving back to its community. The increased free data plans will allow people who don’t have data at home to access the internet when they are out and about in order to keep up-to-date with information, pay bills and keep in touch with family and friends.

“Visitors to Whanganui will be able to use maps, post photos of our beautiful district to social media and browse for places to eat and drink, visit or stay. The increased data was available during the Masters Games so visiting and local sportspeople could tell the world how great Whanganui and the Games are.”

Managing Director of Inspire Net, James Watts, says if 1 gigabyte is not enough wi-fi data, users can buy a bigger plan.

“We try to ensure our plans are really affordable and meet our customers’ needs and we are always looking for new things to try. As a privately owned business we are able to be really nimble and innovative in our cutting edge approach. We also have a strong community focus which adds value, not only to the community but also to our model of business.”

Inspire free wi-fi customers who pay for monthly or yearly plans will automatically receive additional data for no extra cost on any existing plans purchased.

To access Inspire Net’s free data, locate the wi-fi options in the settings of your smartphone or tablet, select ‘inspirefreewifi’ and follow the instructions.

To find out where Inspire Net wi-fi hotspots are available, please visit


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