Tramways Trust and Council working together to get tram on tracks


1/11/2013 12:00:00 a.m.

1 November 2013

The Tramways Trust is looking forward to the first test run of the No 12 Tram on the riverfront tram track.

The Trust’s new Chair Kritzo Venter said the target date for erection of the overhead electrical system is early December.

“Trust members are working hard with Tenix to get the system operational,” Mr Venter said.

“We aim to have the first test run along the whole length of the track on Wellington Anniversary Weekend in January and complete the NZ Transport Agency licensing process later in 2014 which will allow us to carry passengers.”

The Trust held its AGM this week and Trustees appointed are Kritzo Venter (Chair), Robert Gaskin (Deputy Chair), Ed Boyd, Dave Yates, Dave Harre and Pat Seconi. The Secretary/Treasurer is Joe Yates, a volunteer to the Trust. Jim Auker will continue as voluntary duty supervisor at the Tram Shed following his resignation as a Trust member.

“On behalf of the community, I would like to thank the previous Trustees for all the work they have done to get the tram project to this point,” Mr Venter said.

“It has involved many voluntary hours and has been a real labour of love. We appreciate all they have done to get No 12 restored and ready to get back on tracks.”

Mayor Annette Main said: “The Council completed the work needed on the riverbank area last year to ensure the Tram has a track in place once it is ready to run. I am pleased to see new people ready to give their time and passion to complete the final task needed.

“Over the years since the Tram was gifted by Dave Harre, large numbers of volunteers have worked hard on this project, and the work of the retiring trustees is much appreciated by both the council and our community.”

The Wanganui District Council has agreed to set up a separate Tram Ownership Trust to ensure the tram remains a community asset. The Tram Ownership Trust will lease the tram assets to the Tramways Wanganui Trust, who will need to prepare an operational plan that ensures the tram can operate as a viable riverbank attraction.

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