Media release #15 – Wanganui District flooding: 25 October 2013


25/10/2013 12:00:00 a.m.

Kowhai Park

Kowhai Park, including the playground area, is open. However, it is not restored to normal condition. There is a large amount of silt on grassed areas throughout the park and this cannot be removed or the areas cultivated and re-sown until the silt dried out.

Riverbanks - upstream of Aramoho Rail Bridge
Work is continuing on cleaning up the riverbank and jetty at Upokongaro. Most of the work at Upokongaro is being done by Horizons Regional Council.

The slipway at the Aramoho campground has been cleared.

Good progress has been made on clearing up the riverbank around the Aramoho Rowing Club area.

Riverbanks – Dublin Street Bridge to Aramoho Rail Bridge
Kowhai Park roads and pathways upstream of the Dublin Street Bridge have been cleared. However, silt has not dried out enough to remove it from the grassed areas.

Riverbanks – Whanganui City Bridge to Dublin Street Bridge
Pathways and riverbank areas have now been cleared.

Wharf Street slipway will take some time to clear due to the huge amount of silt. Work is scheduled to begin on November 4 when tides will allow better access.

All other slipways have been cleared.

Roads update
Motorists are advised to take care on rural roads in the district. There is still a lot of silt on the roads and they will have become very slippery again following this week’s rain. There is also the risk of further slips for up to a month.

The end of Kaiwhaiki Road, where there is a dropout, remains closed. Only one property is affected and the property owner has access.

Whangaehu Valley Road (Fields Track) remains restricted to locals and light vehicles only. It is not suitable for campervans.

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