Media release #14 – Wanganui District flooding: 21 October 2013 – 3.00pm


21/10/2013 3:00:00 p.m.

Kowhai Park

All of Kowhai Park remains closed. It is hoped to have the playground area and some vehicle access points open by Saturday, October 26, but this is weather dependent. Today contractors have started clearing the road alongside the Whanganui River. There is a lot of silt on the road near the Matarawa Stream bridge and this access point may not be open by Saturday.

Pumping out of ponded water in the area of Kowhai Park upstream of the Dublin Street Bridge has been completed and the Community Projects Team is clearing pathways today.

Riverbanks - upstream of Aramoho Rail Bridge
Clearing of areas upstream of the Rail Bridge has started today.

Riverbanks – Whanganui City Bridge to Dublin Street Bridge
The pathways around the Union Boat Club area are being cleared. Some grassed areas will remain cordoned off to allow them to recover.

City Marina
The marina has been cleared of silt and debris. The fishing platform area will be swept later in the week to remove any remaining debris.

Wharf Street slipway will take some time to clear due to the huge amount of silt. A digger from Wanganui Port will be used to clear out the channel as tides allow.

Putiki slipway has been cleared but flotsam is building up in the river. It is hoped this will clear with today’s high tide but if not, the pilot boat from Wanganui Port will be used to remove the debris.

Aramoho slipway should be cleared by Wednesday this week.

Manhole covers
Manhole covers on roads and footpaths have been checked and are confirmed to be in place.

Roads update
Motorists are advised to take care on rural roads in the district. There is still a lot of silt on the roads and they will become very slippery again following the rain forecast for this week. There is also the risk of further slips for up to a month as a result of last week’s flooding.

The end of Kaiwhaiki Road, where there is a dropout, remains closed. Only one property is affected and the property owner has access.

Whangaehu Valley Road remains restricted to locals and light vehicles only. The road is closed to through traffic.

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