Previous Mayors

​​The past leaders of our community included Chairmen of the Wanganui Town Board, Mayors of the Borough of Wanganui, Mayors of Wanganui City and Mayors of Wanganui District. Their photos are on display in the Whanganui District Council Chamber.

​Chairmen of the Wanganui Town Board

​John Handley​1862-1864
​William Kells​1864-1868
​George Bevan​1868-1870
​Francis Williamson​1870-1872

Mayors of the Borough of Wanganui

​William Hogg Watt​February 1872-September 1873
December 1875-December 1878
December 1880-December 1881
​William Hutchison​September 1873-February 1874
​Robert Pharazyn​March 1874-September 1874
​Edward Churton​September 1874-November 1875
​Thomas Muir Bamber​December 1878-December 1880
​Gilbert Carson​December 1881-December 1884
​Frederick Maurice Spurdle​December 1884-December 1886
​James Keith Laird​December 1886-December 1888
​Alfred John Parsons​December 1888-December 1890
December 1891-December 1892
​Henry Nathan​December 1890-December 1891
​Freeman Rayney Jackson​December 1892-December 1896
​James Lockhart Stevenson​December 1896-December 1897
​Alexander Hatrick​December 1897-December 1904
​Arthur Gorbell Bignell​February 1904-30 April 1906
​Charles Evan Mackay​May 1906-February 1912
May 1912-May 1913
May 1915-May 1920
​Edward Nolloth Liffiton​February 1912-April 1912
​Thomas Boswall Williams​May 1913-May 1915
May 1920-March 1924

Mayors of Wanganui City

​Hopeful Gibbons​March 1924-May 1927
​William James Rogers​May 1927-May 1931
May 1935-October 1953
​Norman Graham Armstrong​May 1931-May 1935
​Edward Alan Millward​November 1953-October 1962
​Reginald Percival Andrews​October 1962-October 1974
​Ronald George Russell​October 1974-October 1983
​Douglas George Turney​October 1983-October 1986
​Charles Ernest Poynter​October 1986-October 1989

Mayors of Wanganui District

​Charles Ernest Poynter​November 1989-October 2004
​Michael Brian Laws​October 2004-October 2010​

Mayor of Whanganui District

​Annette Kay Main​October 2010-October 2016
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