Phase 1 - City Centre and Riverfront


Proposed Plan Change 20 made minor amendments to the District Plan text and format to allow the Plan to be accessed online in an interactive electronic format.

Proposed Plan Change 21 makes changes to the central city and riverfront areas, including the Old Town.

Whanganui Riverfront Development Plan

In conjunction with the Shaping Whanganui Project, the Council engaged Urbanism+ Ltd to prepare a Draft Riverfront Development Plan. Consultation on the Draft Development Plan was undertaken and the amended Plan has been approved by the Council as the Whanganui Riverfront Development Plan 2011. The Plan establishes a vision for the development of the riverfront area. The broad objectives of the Development Plan are that:

  • The riverfront builds on existing assets and its context.
  • The riverfront is accessible and links important destinations.
  • The riverfront is vibrant and prosperous.
  • The riverfront is inclusive and distinctive.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Riverfront Development Plan proposes the following six initiatives:

  • a new gateway marker to the Riverfront Precinct
  • a vibrant Riverfront park
  • a mix of uses that celebrate the arts, market and culture
  • giving the Riverfront Precinct a strong presence on an enhanced Taupō Quay
  • connecting Moutoa Gardens / Pākaitore with the Whanganui River
  • a built character that complements the heritage setting.

View the summary of the 2011 Whanganui Riverfront Development Plan(PDF, 4MB)