Glasgow Street & Victoria Avenue intersection upgrade

  • Project typeRoading upgrade
  • Project scheduleThroughout February / March 2020
  • Contractor nameDowners
  • Completion Date01 April 2020

Project Background

  • The traffic signal equipment at this intersection is now out of date and unreliable. Parts are no longer available to maintain this old equipment.
  • This intersection provides limited pedestrian protection at the crossings points. Considering recent and future growth this is no longer acceptable.
  • This intersection has the highest number of crashes for a signalised intersection in Whanganui.


The new design aims to:

  • Improve pedestrian safety by installing red left turn arrows to hold traffic to allow pedestrians to cross.
  • Provide a raised pedestrian crossing across the Victoria Avenue left turn lane to slow traffic and reduce pedestrian risk.  
  • Improve the alignment of the left turn lane to improve the sight lines of approaching traffic.
  • Provide cycling lanes and advance boxes to improve safety and the introduction of Whanganui’s first cycle hook turn boxes.
  • Re-position approach lane alignment to improve sight lines for right-turners.
  • Provide separated pedestrian kerb crossings because the intersection does not allow diagonal pedestrian crossing. Install tactile yellow buttons at the crossings for sight-impaired pedestrians. 
  • Install redesigned phasing to improve efficiency at our busiest intersection.
  • Run the signal controller with the interactive adaptive NZTA software. This allows the traffic signal cycle and phase times to adjust automatically to traffic volumes.
  • Provide 24/7 traffic monitoring for incidents and faults and adjustments to the controller operation can be made remotely to optimise efficiency. 
  • Move 2 of the street light poles on to the traffic signal poles to reduce the infrastructure in the footpath and upgrade the intersection lighting. 
  • Install a traffic camera to monitor intersection traffic.


Milestone Work description
Late February The work will start, drilling the new cable ducts under the intersection approaches. Some of this work will be undertaken at night to reduce disruption. 
Early March A temporary roundabout will be installed and the old signals will be shut down and removed. Pedestrian access across the intersection will be assisted with a pedestrian refuge in the centre of each approach.
End of March Expected completion of the installation and commission of the new signals along with the kerb and raised island changes. 


Corner Glasgow Street and Victoria Avenue, Whanganui 4500  View Map

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