These documents contain Whanganui District Council's planned activities, as well as projected spending. These include annual and long-term plans.

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Whanganui District Council's Long Term Plan 2018-2028. 

Volume 1 includes community outcomes and detailed financial information. Volume 2 contains detailed Council activities including activity plans and performance framework, while Volume 3 – Infrastructure Strategy describes the Council’s existing infrastructure, identifies significant issues that might impact on this and outlines the Council’s approach to managing infrastructure assets over the next 30 years.

Overview including Community Outcomes and detailed financial information. Amended on 30 June 2016.

The supporting policies include:

  • Policy for Remission of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
  • Policy for Postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land
  • Policy on Remission of Rates
  • Policy for Postponement of Rates
  • Liability Management Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Revenue and Financing Policy
  • Significance and Engagement Policy
  • Development Contributions Policy
  • Earthquake-prone Buildings Policy
  • Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings Policy
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