Planned works November 2019

30 November 2019, 12:00 AM

Flood damage recovery 2017: Major works will be happening along Whangaehu Valley Road

Pavement road maintenance: Denlair Road, Georgetti Road, Hipango Terrace, No 2 Line, Rapanui Road, Shakespeare Road, Whanganui River Road, Wicksteed Street

Unsealed road grading: Areas of Okoia, Mangamahu and Westmere

Minor safety works: Somme Parade raised platform (near Dublin Street)

Tree removal: Harper Street

Kerb and channel renewal: Swiss Avenue, Liverpool Street, Harper Street

Footpath renewal: Liverpool Street, Harper Street

Pavement reinstatement: Swiss Avenue, Liverpool Street, Harper Street

Water table/culvert maintenance: Brunswick Road, Georgetti Road, Kauangaroa Road, Rapanui Road

Mowing and vegetation treatment: Group 1 roads (roadside mowing), Rangitatau East Road (vegetation mower)

Service lid adjustment: Shakespeare Road

Stormwater: Titoki Street (Mosston Road to 36 Titoki Street), Kowhai Street (7 Kowhai Street to 22 Kowhai Street)


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