Planned tree removal work for 2023

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Tree felling work on council-managed trees is done annually in late autumn in anticipation of new plantings in late winter-early spring. Residents in directly-affected areas have been notified of the upcoming work programme – planned tree removal work for 2023 will focus on these areas:

Willis Street – work scheduled to begin 22 May

Eight pollarded trees are due to be removed in Willis Street. These removals will complete the renewal of this block of Willis Street that was started in 2017. The trees sit beneath powerlines and require regular significant pruning that alters their natural shape and has a detrimental effect on their health over a long period. The trees will be replaced with Magnolia denudate, which have already been planted in the street and are establishing well. 

Lewis Avenue – work scheduled to begin 5 June

Nine pollarded oak trees are due to be removed in Lewis Street. These removals will again complete the renewal programme that was started in 2017. The trees require heavy reduction work to be retained under powerlines that alter the natural appearance of the trees. The trees will be replaced with Crepe myrtles, in line with what has already been planted in this street.

Nixon Street – work scheduled to begin 26 June

Seven banksia trees will be removed to renew this street. These trees have dropped significant branches and have overly heavy limbs that are liable to failure. These trees will be removed and a new planting scheme created.

Ward Street – work scheduled to begin 17 July

Six ash trees are due to be removed in Ward Street. A number of trees have been lost from this set due to the species that was planted having a higher than usual rate of collapse. As the ash tree reaches maturity, the branch unions have a propensity to fail – these trees are being removed to pre-empt that issue. A new set of ornamental pear trees has been started and this will be continued throughout the street.

Duncan Street – work scheduled to begin 7 August

The over-mature silver birch trees in Duncan Street have been removed on the even side of the street in the past couple of years. These trees have had pruning in the past, which has hastened their decline – due to their decaying state, the trees are at risk of failure. All of the over-mature silver birch trees on the odd side of Duncan Street will be removed. A new set of trees will be planted once these are removed to complete an avenue. A young set of redbuds have been planted on the powerline side of Duncan Street and are doing well.

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