One-way system on Somme Parade from 21 August-22 December

On display until December 22, 2023, 05:00 PM

As part of the Somme Parade drop-out repair project, Somme Parade will be reduced to a one-way system with a 30km/h speed restriction from Kaikokopu Road to Barrack Street for 16 weeks from 7.00am on Monday, 21 August until 5.00pm on Friday, 22 December 2023.

Signs will be displayed for affected residents and other road users showing these detour routes:

  • all vehicles on Somme Parade travelling towards Aramoho will be diverted into Barrack Street, Seddon Street, Kaikokopu Road and then back onto Somme Parade.
  • residents between 92 Somme Parade and 135 Somme Parade will need to access their properties from London Street via Russell Street, Spier Street or Kaikokopu Road.
  • residents in Russell Street or Spier Street will need to enter their properties via London Street.
  • access into Seddon Street from Kaikokopu Road will be closed to all traffic to enable the turning circles for heavy vehicles to be maintained at this intersection.

Please also note that Somme Parade pedestrians can still use the same crossing points near Spier Street and Kaikokopu Road that were installed at the outset of the project.

Thank you to all affected residents and road users for your patience and understanding. 

Somme Parade one-way access from 21 August-22 December 2023 

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