New online service for Property File requests

Published on 29 July 2020

Whanganui homes

A new online service has been developed for requests for Property File information for properties in the Whanganui District.

Requests can now be made online.

Previously, requests were made via email to the Council or in person at Council Customer Services, 101 Guyton Street.

A Property File is a summary of consent information held by the Council for a particular property. 

It may include some of the following:

  • Building consent applications
  • Drainage plans
  • Plans and specifications
  • Code Compliance Certificates
  • Resource consent decisions 

Customers can now easily pay by debit or credit card, or Real Time Debit when they make their application, rather than waiting for payment confirmation from a cashier. 

Digital Property Files cost $30.00 for residential and commercial properties. 

Once an application is successfully submitted, a Property File will be returned digitally within three working days (residential) or five working days (commercial). 

Please note that a Property File does not replace a Land Information Memorandum (LIM), which provides ALL the information held by the Council about any specific site within the Whanganui District.



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