New green block driveway markings

Published on 05 November 2019

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Drivers may have noticed green blocks with a white cycling symbol have been painted in busy driveways along Whanganui’s network of shared pathways over recent months.

As drivers will be aware, pedestrians on footpaths have right of way over vehicles entering or exiting a driveway.

Whanganui District Council’s Active Transport Facilitator, Norman Gruebsch, says busy driveways have been marked with the green blocks to let drivers know they need to give way to people on shared pathways “whether they are walking or running or riding bikes, skateboards or scooters”.

Norman Gruebsch says for many Whanganui drivers, this will be the first time they’ve seen the green block markings.

“Shared pathways host a wide variety of travellers at times, and some of them can be moving reasonably quickly.

The green block markings have been adopted nationally as best practice because research shows they improve safety. As well as reminding drivers to give way, the green blocks remind shared pathway users to slow down approaching busy driveways,” Norman Gruebsch says.

The Council is also in the process of developing shared pathway etiquette signage. White directional markings are already on pathways, reminding people to share the pathway and keep left.

“Next we will produce signage asking shared pathway users to warn others when approaching at speed, move off the pathway when stopped and keep dogs on a leash,” says Norman Gruebsch.


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