Community update on Upokongaro public toilet project this Saturday

Published on June 30, 2022

proposed Upokongaro public toilet block

Recent developments in and around Upokongaro, such as the Mountain to Sea Cycle Trail and the Upokongaro cycle and pedestrian bridge that crosses the Whanganui River, are expected to bring new opportunities to the whole of Whanganui as well as the Upokongaro community.

With growth in visitor numbers anticipated, Whanganui District Council has committed to providing a public toilet facility in the vicinity of the Upokongaro War Memorial Hall.

The council acknowledges the ongoing relationship with local hapū Ngā Paerangi in the post Upokongaro cycle and pedestrian bridge construction phase, and the leadership Ngā Paerangi have shown to bring the community’s interests to the fore as per the values of Tupua Te Kawa. Further discussion with Ngā Paerangi will take place during the facility’s development.

The council would like to seek community input on other aspects of the project like types of plantings and the positioning of cycle racks near the toilet block and will host a community afternoon that will take place from 12 noon until 2.00pm this Saturday, 2 July 2022 at the Upokongaro War Memorial Hall. All are welcome to attend.

The council’s property operations manager, Sandra Woodhead, says, “Council staff will be onsite to update the community on how the toilet block project is progressing. We’ll also be asking for feedback on ways to enhance the new toilet area.”

It’s intended the toilet block will be installed on the southern side of the Upokongaro War Memorial Hall in an existing open area. To service the toilet, one 20,000-litre biowaste holding tank will be installed underground behind the toilet block, and a new 25,000-litre water supply tank will be located behind the hall.

Plans for potential future restoration of the hall are currently being investigated – if the hall’s roof is replaced, guttering and spouting will be rerouted to the new water tank to ensure maximum water capture.

Sandra Woodhead says, “There will also be an opportunity on Saturday to look through the Upokongaro War Memorial Hall with staff. Our next task will be to prepare a full business case to establish what the hall’s future may look like.”

More information about the Upokongaro public toilet development project is available on the council’s website here.


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