Review of Water Supply Bylaw 2014

Whanganui District Council is required to review a bylaw within five years of the date on which it was made. 

This consultation closed at 4.00pm on Friday, 12 April 2019.

Whanganui District Council has reviewed the Water Supply Bylaw 2014 and is proposing to retain the existing bylaw with changes to the drafting to improve its clarity and usability. 

The proposed changes to the drafting of the bylaw include:  

  • redrafting the bylaw to follow the Parliamentary Counsel Office Drafting Manual; 
  • adding a purpose section to the bylaw;
  • updating the relevant codes of practice; and
  • setting out assessment criteria Council uses when considering applications for connection to, and works in proximity to, the Council's water supply network.

The Council is not proposing any changes to the rules relating to its water supply network.