Proposed Gambling Venues Policy

The Gambling Venues Policy aims to control the growth of gambling and minimise harm caused by gambling. We want to ensure the community is involved in decisions about the provision of gambling in the Whanganui District.

Submissions closed at 4.00pm, Monday 30 October 2017.
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Whanganui District Council’s policy aims to minimise gambling harm by:

  • retaining a 'sinking lid' on Class 4 venues and Class 4 gaming machines (pokies)
  • allowing only one standalone TAB venue in our district at any time
  • setting out conditions for any relocation of existing class 4 venues. We would like your views on two options:
    • Option A: Class 4 venues can relocate under certain circumstances, providing location conditions are met
    • Option B: No Class 4 venues will be permitted to relocate
  • permitting clubs to merge gambling licences on condition that the total number of gaming machines is reduced (‘sinking lid’ approach).