Earthquake Prone Buildings - Priority Thoroughfares and Routes

Cracked brick wall

Whanganui District Council is consulting on which roads, footpaths and thoroughfares within our District should be identified as priority areas. 

Submissions closed at 4.00pm on Friday, Friday 28 June 2019.

The purpose of this is to manage the risks our District faces in the event of an earthquake, by ensuring that we prioritise the strengthening of buildings that are at greatest risk to people and priority transport routes for first responders.

The Council is proposing that the following routes and thoroughfares be identified as priority areas:  

  • Victoria Avenue - 1 Victoria Avenue to 200/200B Victoria Avenue, inclusive;
  • Guyton Street  - 61 Guyton Street to 100 Guyton Street, inclusive;
  • Maria Place - 1 Maria Place to 30 Maria Place, inclusive;
  • Ridgway Street - 34 Ridgway Street to 70 Ridgway Street, inclusive;
  • Taupo Quay - 2 Taupo Quay to 68 Taupo Quay, inclusive; and
  • Putiki Drive - 15 Putiki Drive to 39 Putiki Drive, inclusive.