Draft Safer Whanganui Strategic Plan

The Draft Safer Whanganui Strategic Plan aims to collectively increase safety and reduce injuries in our district over the next 10 years. 

Submissions closed at 4.00pm on Friday, 10 August 2018.
Read the submissions here.(PDF, 2MB)

Developed by Safer Whanganui, a community led Council mandated coalition that provides leadership and direction to achieve a safer community. 

Four key pillars drive the draft strategic plan:

  • Youth – we are a community that is the best place to start your life
  • Places – our built environments are safe.
  • Community – we are connected and collaborative community
  • Homes  – every Whanganui resident has a safe home to live in

Some advantages/ disadvantages for a collective Strategic Plan:



Provides a collective direction that everyone can work towards.

With a large number of agencies involved, co-ordination, monitoring and review may be challenging.

Supports and demonstrates community leadership to understand and address the safety issues within our district.

Some of the goals in the strategy may be impacted by unforeseen circumstances, such as political or economic developments, natural disasters, agency restructures or personnel changes.

Offers potential to build greater partnerships to addresses areas where safety could be improved.

The strategy has a strong focus on agency collaboration and activity. Community voices and priorities may be difficult to hear in this process.

Monitoring of strategy supports change

Aligns to Leading Edge – Accreditation of Safer Whanganui.

Focus to address high injury areas