Alexa Place, Smart Terrace and Burnett Terrace walkways

We are considering permanently closing Smart Terrace and Burnett Terrace walkways(PDF, 750KB) and doing repair work on Alexa Place walkway, which is currently closed, in order to keep it open. These three walkways connect St John's Hill with the city.

An assessment conducted in 2016 found Smart Terrace, Burnett Terrace and Alexa Place walkways had low usage amongst residents.(PDF, 729KB) The unstable nature of the hillside on which the three walkways are situated means the Council could face significant costs for both planned and reactive maintenance each time there is a major slip.

It is timely to consider the future viability of these walkways, particularly when there are a number of alternative routes to get to and from St John's Hill from the base of the hill. The alternative routes include the NZTA shared pathway alongside Great North Road, the Victoria Park walkway, Hillside Terrace (Christie's Hill walkway), ‘Ghost Track A’ and ‘Ghost Track B’ (semi-paved tracks maintained by the Council).

Here is some more information about each of the walkways

Smart Terrace walkway Burnett Terrace walkway Alexa Place walkway
The steepness of the Smart Terrace walkway and its shaded aspect presents health and safety issues for users, particularly during winter. There have been significant land slips alongside the walkway and at this stage if another major slip occurred, the walkway itself could be narrowed or lost. Construction of a retaining wall would be somewhere in the vicinity of $58,000 – $118,000 depending on the height of the wall constructed. The steepness of this walkway, means it is more limiting for some pedestrians. Burnett Terrace connects the Smart and Alexa Place walkways. The bank above has slipped onto the walkway a number of times over the last few years. It is currently closed, as the unstable nature of the bank meant it was too dangerous to clear immediately. The cost of re-surfacing the walkway is estimated to be $41,000. The Alexa Place walkway has also been closed due to slips. The likely cost to install a retaining wall is in the vicinity of $60,000. Earlier work to retain a bank after a previous slip has stood up to recent weather events. Alexa Place is closer to Christies Hill, giving walkers a loop option. It is also of a lower gradient than Smart Terrace, making it easier to negotiate for walkers.
The Smart Terrace walkway is currently open The Burnett Terrace walkway is currently closed The Alexa Place walkway is currently closed


  1. Continue to maintain all walkways: Alexa Place, Smart Terrace and Burnett Terrace

  2. Close Smart Terrace, Burnett Terrace and Alexa Place walkways

  3. Close the Smart Terrace and Burnett Terrace walkways and repair only Alexa Place walkways

Detailed analysis of options and benefits and advantages(PDF, 96KB) 

Have your say

We invite you to provide your feedback about the Alexa Place, Smart Terrace and Burnett Terrace walkways using this submission form.

You can also provide further comments by emailing or collect more information by visiting the Municipal Building, 101 Guyton Street, or the Whanganui District Libraries.

Households near the walkways will be directly contacted via letter and signage will be placed at the entrances to all three walkways to let users know how they can have their say. 

Closing date: Monday 27 November 2017.