Parks, reserves, pathways and activities

Ongoing consultation

Kowhai Park road

The council is reviewing its strategy for how the many parks, reserves and connecting pathways in district are managed and developed.

The current Parks and Open Spaces Strategy was developed in 2007 to cover a 20-year period and was designed to reflect actual community growth and need through to 2017.

We have since seen significant growth and demographic change in Whanganui and it is necessary for the strategy to be updated so that it is informed by the current issues and interests of the community as well as the collective challenges we presently face.

Please contact council policy advisor, Sandy Lee, if you have any queries or would like further information: 

Please note:
Alongside this consultation, Sport Whanganui will conduct a review into the use of sporting facilities at Springvale Park, beginning with consultation with current key stakeholders.


We asked the community to complete a survey to help us identify and refine some of the key issues. The survey closed at midnight on 1 August 2021.

We wanted to know what the experiences, interests and needs are of the community in relation to parks, reserves and connecting pathways, including the types of activities they engage in in these spaces, to help us shape the direction and vision for these important public spaces in our district.