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The purpose of Whanganui District Council’s Youth Committee is to empower young people to be the best they can be by providing resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

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Committee’s vision
To ensure that Whanganui is a vibrant, inclusive, empowering community, where young people love to be.


Meet your 2020 Youth Councillors


  • Charlotte Hardy
  • Louis Devine


  • Brittanie Goodgame-Archer
  • Chéz-Ashli Peters
  • Firooze Coolaabavala
  • Jacob Brown
  • Keisha Maniapoto
  • Miriama Joseph
  • Myles Simpson
  • Nikita Ebbutt-Moorehouse
  • Siobhan Sarkar
  • Sophie Archer
  • Ranee Nikora-Rehu
  • Tiana Absolum

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About the Youth Committee

The role of the Youth Committee is to:

  • represent the community’s young people
  • promote opportunities for youth participation
  • develop and monitor policy on youth issues
  • provide opportunities for youth to contribute to the decision-making of Whanganui District Council
  • advise the Council on matters of interest for youth in the Whanganui District.

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 How does the Youth Committee work?

  • The Youth Committee meets regularly to discuss and find solutions for issues that are important for young people. Formal meetings are held every six weeks in the Council Chambers, while informal meetings to talk about ideas, promotions, and projects are held every alternate six weeks.
  • An annual recruitment drive is conducted for new members.
  • A panel will conduct interviews in order to fill all vacant seats on the committee.
  • All Youth Councillors over the age of 16 are required to undertake a police check prior to appointment.
  • There are 14 seats on the Committee, which are filled as they become available.
  • The term of membership is two years with the ability to reapply at the end of this term. This will be subject to approval by the Mayor.
  • Performance reviews will be conducted every six months as an opportunity to ‘check in’ and ensure expectations are being met.
  • At the start of each Council term, the Mayor appoints a Whanganui District Councillor to represent the Council on the Youth Committee.
  • The Co-Chairs provide a report direct to the Council, ensuring that the views of young people are heard by the Mayor and the District Councillors.

The Youth Committee was originally established in 2006.

Collaborative Community Event Funding

Collaborative Community Event Funding supports the achievement of the Youth Committee’s vision, 'To ensure that Whanganui is a vibrant, inclusive, empowering community, where young people love to be', through a process that sees the Youth Committee partnering with community groups and organisations to provide community events that align to our goals:

  • Developing youth capacity – young people having skills and attitudes to take part positively in society, now and in the future.
  • Health and well-being – young people having information and access, and the confidence to make good choices, so they can live and grow in a healthy state.
  • Place-making – young people having opportunities to establish positive connections within their key social environments.
  • Advocacy – young people being given opportunities to have a greater control over what happens to them, through seeking their advice, participation and engagement.
  • Communication and marketing – ensuring the effective spread of information relevant to youth.

A key part of the criteria will be for applicants to demonstrate how the Youth Committee can contribute to the successful organisation and implementation of the event, alongside funding.

Brief summary of process

  • Applications are to be submitted through our online application form only.
  • The applications received will be reviewed by the panel and the decisions be made.
  • The Panel will endeavor to process the application as soon as possible.
  • The event must align with the Council's Leading Edge Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Download information and funding criteria(PDF, 181KB)

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