Whanganui Port

Whanganui Port

Located at the mouth of the Whanganui River, the port enables goods to be transported by sea and provides berthing facilities for coastal freight vessels and commercial boats.

No 1 Wharf is the primary commercial wharf capable of taking heavy vehicles and it was rebuilt in 2016. No 2 Wharf is used for small boat berths. No 3 Wharf is currently not suitable for commercial activities. Both Wharf 2 and 3 require significant remedial work. Three warehouse buildings at the port are available, with storage capacity of up to 4386 square metres.

The Wharf Street boat ramp and trailer park is located next to the port, where on a good day more than 150 recreational boats are able to launch in pursuit of one of the best selections of table fish found in New Zealand.

The City Wharf, sited further up the Whanganui River near the City Bridge on the edge of the Central Business District, is available for mooring pleasure craft.

Whanganui Port is owned and managed by Whanganui District Council, with income from the port and the harbour endowment portfolio used for its maintenance and development.

An application to the Provincial Growth Fund is being made to improve the condition and commercial viability of the port. The Whanganui Port Revitalisation Project is considered an essential part of growing the Whanganui economy and improving the well-being of the local community as well as the wider region.

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