Approved vehicle crossing installers

Only Installers approved by Whanganui District Council are permitted to construct, modify or repair vehicle crossings. 

As an installer, you will advise property owners on the best possible location for a vehicle crossing, its allowable width, traffic safety sight distances, maximum gradient, stormwater control, and identify any other possible issues. You may be asked to apply for the vehicle crossing permit(PDF, 179KB) on behalf of your client.

All approved installers are required to meet current standards for construction, health and safety, traffic management, insurance, and the requirements of network operators i.e. electricity, gas, telecommunications, water etc.

Installation process

If you are approached by a property owner to provide a quote and/or be engaged to undertake the work. You will then:

  • complete and submit an Vehicle Crossing Permit application(PDF, 179KB) to the Council that includes:
    • scale site plan drawing indicating property frontage, kerb and channel, all ‘street furniture’, trees etc. and the location of the water toby for the property
    • dimensions indicating proposed size and location.
    • reference to type of crossing as per the Council’s Standard Crossings.
  • Following Council approval, submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) and apply for a Corridor Access Request via Submitica or b4udig
  • Undertake the work in accordance with the approved plans.
  • Payment is made directly to you by the property owner for the required work on the vehicle crossing.
  • Forward a copy of the completed Works Completion Notice to the Council via Submitica. The 24 month maintenance period will then commence.

How do I apply to be an installer?

You must complete an application and provide the relevant certification to the Council as outlined in the approved vehicle crossing installer - application form(PDF, 191KB).

Vehicle Crossing Guidelines(PDF, 281KB)

The application is valid for three years.

The Council maintains a list of approved vehicle crossing installers(PDF, 178KB). This list is periodically  reviewed for compliance. 

What do I need to become an approved installer?

In addition to your application and certification to become an approved installer, the Council will also consider the following matters as applied to you, and as outlined in the Street Infrastructure Bylaw 2015(PDF, 176KB):

  1. ability to continuously demonstrate the following competencies:
    1. producing and implementing Traffic Management Plans, including the availability of Traffic Controller (TC) and Site Traffic Management Supervisor (STMS) qualified individuals; 
    2. the ability to apply for and comply with Corridor Access Requests by electronic submission; 
    3. sustainable ongoing workload; 
    4. physical works skill for the required activities;
    5. management of the crossing site and construction related activities; 
    6. knowledge of and compliance with relevant standards and specifications; 
    7. the ability to work collaboratively with other contractors, utility network operators and Council officers;
    8. the ability to comply with relevant health and safety requirements; and
    9. required insurance cover.
  2. the suitability of a Person to hold an Approval taking into account any known past operational issues and the applicant’s experience and track record. 
  3. any other matters the Council considers necessary.

Responsibilities of an installer

A list of installer requirements can be found in the Vehicle Crossing Guidelines(PDF, 281KB).

Standards for Construction

The construction standards for the installation of vehicle crossings can be found in the Vehicle Crossing Guidelines(PDF, 281KB).

To find out more about becoming an approved installer, please call us on 06 349 0001