Plan Change 57 - Land Stability Assessment Area (LSAA) Stage 4

The Council has commissioned geotechnical engineers to review the susceptibility of specific properties for risks associated with land instability.

The Council has ranked, in order of perceived hazard risk, areas subject to some degree of land instability. These areas were loosely identified following a review of recorded land stability issues over a period of more than 30 years. The areas involved are listed below. Each study has included research to exclude sites found to be ‘not susceptible’ to land instability and confirm more accurately the degree of susceptibility of other sites to this potential hazard risk.

Area Status
Hipango Tce, Shakespeare Cliff and Anzac Parade / Putiki Drive Completed 2014
Ikitara Road / Turoa Road, Bastia Hill and Durie Hill Completed 2016
Mowhanau Village, Roberts Ave / Patterson St Completed 2016
Parkdale / Christie's Hill / Virginia Road Completed 2019
PÅ«tiki and Marybank Area Completed 2019
Victoria Park / Denby Place Completed 2019
Extension of Durie Hill study area Completed 2019

Council commissioned WSP Opus Consultants to complete a series of desktop assessments of the potential risk for land stability hazards in a range of locations. The WSP Opus report for the Stage 4 areas was completed in October 2018. The Plan Change incorporates sites in the below areas, that were confirmed to be moderately or highly likely to be susceptible to land stability, into the Land Stability Assessment Areas (LSAA) overlay on the District Planning maps. The Plan Change ensures appropriate assessment and regulation of any development on those sites to ensure the protection of life and property.

Parkdale / Christie's Hill / Virginia Road

Putiki  and Marybank Area

Victoria Park / Denby Place

Extension of Durie Hill Study Area


No submissions were received and the Plan change became effective immediately on 19 March 2019, following the close of submissions pursuant to s86F of the Resource Management Act 1991. Council approved the Plan Change and confirmed the operative date at its meeting of 14 May 2019. PC57 became operative on 24 June 2019.

Notification documents 

Call for submissions

The Plan Change was publicly notified 16 February 2019 and the submission period closed on Monday 18 March 2019.

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Maps of current study areas

Geotechnical report

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