Plan Change 53 - Springvale Structure Plan

The Commissioners’ report for Plan Change 53 and the Notice of Requirement (NOR) for a designation has been received. The report can be found in the 'Decisions' tab below.

The Commissioners determined to confirm the NOR subject to conditions. The NOR decision has been appealed. A number of submitters have requested to be party to the appeal proceedings. All NOR appeal documentation and correspondence can be found in the 'Decisions' tab below and will be updated as the appeal proceedings advance.

The Council made its decisions on submissions to  Plan Change 53 at its meeting on Thursday 16 April. 

The purpose of this Plan Change is to meet projected housing demand for land out to 2065. 

Land suitable for additional housing west of Springvale has been identified, and the Springvale Structure Plan has been developed to facilitate new housing in the Mosston Road, Fox Road and Fitzherbert Avenue areas. A Notice of Requirement for designation of land for roading and drainage purposes has been approved and is subject to one appeal.

Hapū, landowners, community groups and technical experts have informed the preparation of the structure plan in relation to ecological, archaeological, cultural, traffic and stormwater management options.

The structure plan proposes a high quality urban environment, walkable neighbourhoods, with streets well-connected to public spaces and a shared cycleway network linking to schools and adjacent areas, clear management of stormwater and traffic, notably protection of the heavy vehicle function of Mosston Road. Provision for a neighbourhood park is made south of Fox Road along with protection and potential enhancement of the Tītoki Wetland, an area of high cultural and ecological value.

Plan Change 53:

  1. Rezones Rural Lifestyle land to Residential, and some land owned by the Council to Reserves and Open Space Zone.
  2. Amends Plan policies and rules to encourage residential development and subdivision.
  3. Protects the functioning of Mosston Road as a heavy vehicle route, by avoiding or minimising the potential for reverse sensitivity issues created by more intensive residential development.
  4. Protects areas of cultural and ecological significance, notably the Tītoki Wetland and hinterland.

If you have any queries, please contact Brenda O'Shaughnessy on (06) 3496608 or email Brenda.O'


NOR Appeal:

Plan Change 53:

The Plan change decision is to be publicly notified on Wed 22 April and changes to the Plan will be effective from Thursday 23 April 2020. 
The period for lodging appeals closes on Friday 5 June 2020.


Summary of Submissions

The Plan Change was publicly notified on 3 August 2019 and the further submission period closed at 5.00pm on Friday 16th August 2019.