United in Recovery

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The Whanganui Emergency Operations Centre formally closed on 14 May, 2020, marking a transition from the COVID-19 pandemic emergency into a period of recovery.

An Integrated Recovery Team has now been established, based on relationships which were strengthened during the emergency response.  

Whanganui District Council is working closely with the Whanganui District Health Board, Whanganui Civil Defence, Ruapehu District Council and Rangitikei District Council and a wide range of organisations and agencies such as Whanganui & Partners, the Whanganui Health Network and the Ministry of Social Development.  

A Recovery Office has been established at Cooks Gardens Events Centre in Whanganui, with support from recovery managers, Leighton Toy and Charlotte Almond from Whanganui District Council and Louise Allsopp from the Whanganui District Health Board.

Integrated plans for local recovery are being developed as we engage with people and share information with partner organisations across our communities. 

The current focus of the team is to collect and evaluate information gathered from and by people and organisations throughout our region, while also addressing immediate needs and opportunities.

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