Planned Works & Road Closures

Planned works March 2018

Flood Damage Recovery               

June 2015 event: Whanganui River Road Retreat (Oyster Bluff), Whanganui River Road Retreat (Jerusalem Bluff, Papaiti Road Realignment (Mosquito Point)

April 2017 event: Garlands Road Bridge abutment protection

July 2017 event: Waikupa Rd dropout repairs (3 sites)

Pre-Resealed Road Maintenance: Heads Road, Whanganui River Road, Hinau Street, Quick Avenue

Road Resealing: Mangamahu Road, Whanganui River Road, No 2 Line, Koatanui Road, Brunswick Road, Koriniti Pa Road, Morikau Road, Rangitatau West Road, Pitt Street, Hinau Street, Heads Road/Liffiton Street intersection, Heads Road/Taupo Quay intersection, Lindsey Cres cul-de-sac

Road Widening: Whanganui River Road (Wickham’s Orchard)

Unsealed Road Grading: Areas of Brunswick, Kai Iwi, Parihauhau Road

Kerb and Channel Renewal: Rangiora Street (Cornfoot St to Seafront Rd), St Hill Street (Ingestre St to Ridgway St)

Footpath Renewal: Rangiora St (Cornfoot St to Seafront Rd), St Hill Street (Ingestre St to Ridgway St)

Pavement Reinstatement: St Hill Street (Ingestre St to Ridgway St), Rangiora St (Cornfoot St to Seafront Rd)

Water Table/Culvert Maintenance: Whanganui River Road

Vegetation Treatment: Whanganui River Rd, Fordell/Mangamahu/Okoia areas (Roadside mower)

Water main works: Heads Rd (Hospital entrance to Kings Ave)

Stormwater: Mosston Road (Heads Rd intersection), Mosston Road (Hinau St to Tongariro St), Glasgow Street (Keith St to Harrison St)

Plane tree removal
Victoria Avenue and Guyton Street

The Council is due to remove and replace a London Plane tree close to the junction of Guyton Street and Victoria Avenue. 

The tree is positioned outside Kebabaholik on Victoria Avenue and is part of the cyclical removal and replacement programme for plane trees in the central business district. This particular tree has roots growing at the base of the tree which have disrupted the pavers and broken the kerb. The works will be carried out in the week beginning Monday, 5 March 2018.

Mosston Road
Road closure

Mosston Road will be closed to traffic travelling towards Heads Road (southbound) between Heads Road and Tongariro Street, from Monday, March 5 to Saturday April 28, while we install a stormwater pipe.

Mosston Road will remain open to all traffic travelling towards Springvale (northbound).

Pedestrian and cycle access will be available at all times during the closure, although southbound cyclists should dismount and use the footpath. Detours will be in place.

Pedestrian b​​​rid​​ge closure – Matipo Park

The pedestrian bridge at Matipo Park is closed because of safety concerns after a recent structural inspection. 

Further investigation will be carried out in the New Year. The access track leading from Brunswick Road is locked and the car park is temporarily unavailable. Please contact the Parks Department on 349 0001 for further information.

There will be signage at Matipo Park informing users about the closure of the bridge.​​​​

Road c​​lo​sure – Whanganui River Road, Jerusalem Bluff

Road works will be undertaken at Jerusalem Bluff, just before the Jerusalem settlement, on the Whanganui River Road beginning Monday 8 January 2018. The work involves cutting into the existing road to widen it, which is similar to the work which has recently been completed on Shellrock (Oyster) Bluff.

The road is likely to remain open while the work is done, but stop/go controls will be in place for five-to-ten minute periods as required.​​

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