Proposed Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy

Council is seeking your feedback on whether to allow all businesses to open on Easter Sunday​.

The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 (the Act) provides for restricted trading days on Anzac Day morning, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day. The Act allows shops such as dairies, service stations, pharmacies, take away food sellers, restaurants, cafes, souvenir stores and garden centres, which sells certain types of goods, to remain open on the restricted trading days. 

Local policies can only permit shop trading on Easter Sunday but cannot place other conditions around shop trading (for example types of shops, times of opening etc.). All shop employees have the ability to refuse to work on Easter Sunday without providing a reason to their employer. 

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Alternatively, you email your thoughts to​

Hard copies of the proposed policy, statement of proposal and submission form are available from the Council Municipal Building, 101 Guyton Street, Davis Library or Gonville Café Library. ​

Submissions close at 4.00pm, Friday 27 October 2017​​​​​

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