District Plan

The Whanganui District Plan guides the future development of our city.  The guide sets out the decision making framework and resource consent requirements for activities ranging from subdivisions to land use development such as earthworks, signage, dwellings, building extensions and changes of use.

Shaping Whanganui is the name of the Whanganui District Plan Review project currently being undertaken by Council. The District Plan is required to be reviewed every 10 years.  Council is undertaking a rolling review of the District Plan which commenced in 2008.  See below for the current projects that form part of this review.

Otamatea West Rezoning - Plan Change 46

A study of residential demand in Whanganui has identified demand for approximately 630 new dwellings in Otamatea by 2065.  These dwellings would mostly be accommodated within existing areas already zoned for residential activities and a structure plan has confirmed an area where development could also be accommodated, including efficient and effective provision of infrastructure services. Plan Change 46 proposes to provide for residential growth by implementing recommendations of a structure planning technical report, including rezoning additional land to Residential.

The submission period closed in October 2017 and a hearing was held on 11 and 12 December 2017.  The hearing panel comprised independent commissioner Christine Foster, independent commissioner Rau Kirikiri and Councillor Alan Taylor.

The Commissioners have adjourned the hearing and requested further refinement of the draft plan change provisions.  The Memorandum from the Panel can be viewed here.

Council is seeking the services of a facilitator, as recommended in the Memorandum, and will in due course schedule the meeting date(s) for further engagement.  Council is committed to adhering to all timeframes set out at Section 3 of the Memorandum.   

All reports and relevant documents are available on the Council website Plan Change 46 page  with hard copies of the hearing documents at the Davis Library, Gonville Library, and Whanganui District Council Customer Services.


Reserve Management Plans –
Pukenamu/Queen's Park and Castlecliff Reserve

The Council is currently working on Reserve Management Plans for Pukenamu/Queen's Park and Castlecliff reserves that will guide the management of the reserves for the next 10 years.  These documents will outline:

  • KEY VALUES - what's important?                                                             
  • A VISION – what we want Pukenamu/Queen's Park and Castlecliff Reserve to be in the future?
  • OBJECTIVES & POLICIES - How we will achieve these visions?                
  • ACTIONS - What will we do?                                                                                                                                                        

We have taken on board community feedback and a draft Management Plan for each reserve will be out for consultation early 2018.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments please email Carolyn McIntyre, Policy Planner for Pukenam/Queen's Park at Carolyn.McIntyre@whanganui.govt.nz or Victoria Edmonds, Policy Planner for Castlecliff Reserve at Victoria.Edmonds@whanganui.govt.nz .



Previous Plan Changes made Operative are available here.​​

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